What MSM gets wrong about the Mizzou protester backlash 


What happened at the University of Missouri is a case of overreaction from basically all sides involved.

If you’re not aware of what happened in Columbia recently, let’s go over it really quick:

The school became the center of national controversy when, The University of Missouri, an overwhelmingly white, Midwestern school, and a former slave state, was caught in a whirlwind of racial tensions. Black and Jewish students were made vigilant after reported racist events. When university president Tim Wolfe wouldn’t get out of his car to confront protesters (who were majority black) at a homecoming march in October 2015, things took a turn for the worst.

Then the football team, led by the black players, decided to protest, which included not playing or practicing, until president Wolfe resigned.

Wolfe resigned along with the campus chancellor.

Conservative blogs and similar media outlets caught whiff of what was happening at this “liberal” campus and went to work. With communications professor Melissa Click screaming at an AP reporter asking for “more muscle” (the reporter by the way, had every right to document students and what was happening on the campus), Mizzou cemented its place in history: as an anti-First Amendment establishment where black students and other marginalized groups ran amok (this of course is ironic being that this school is one of the most prestigious journalism schools in the world).

Missouri became the poster child for why higher education was poisonous to the culture, according to the right wing.

But that was all bullshit. The conservative media, who supposedly cared about the freedom of the press in 2015, all of a sudden went to war against that same press once President Donald Trump declared war on the press.

The right-wing media who says they care about the First Amendment now believes that anything outside of Fox News and Breitbart.com is “fake news” *side-eyed emoji inserted here*

So what this really comes down to is the bread and butter of the school (white, conservatives with old money) perceiving their racially isolated school as being under attack by blacks, Jews and other marginalized groups.

According to the numbers done by the New York Times, Mizzou saw a 42 percent decrease in black students compared to half of that for whites. Black students were apparently scared because they thought the state’s biggest school was bringing to light a lot of its ugly past.

And white people who were used to racial tensions being contained by the adminstration, now saw the school as harboring a culture that was in total conflict with their upbringing. A school where in 2012, had a freshman class where 10 percent of the students were black, saw those numbers drop to six percent in the fall of 2016.

What black people who are allegedly afraid of this campus don’t realize is that this campus gave black people and other marginalized groups an opportunity to express themselves, leading to real results, whether you think they’re deserved or not.

What white people and establishment backers don’t understand is that for so long, black students have had to deal with racism on that campus. But we just dealt (and deal) with it. From cotton balls being strewn at the cultural center to getting called a nigger to your face while at a party with white people you considered friends, we’ve been silent for far too long.

And as stated before, the school is now less than six percent black (considering the drop out rate of all freshman students). Is that really too much black for you?

[h/t New York Times]


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