Why I gave up watching TV

I gave up watching television (these days, I have to qualify that with “on a TV screen) regularly for about a year and a half — and I’m still going.

It actually wasn’t a hard choice to make.

Watching television was never anything that was suggested, also.

When have you every been in a situation where watching television was a way to get better?

A doctor, a friend or a counselor will suggest going for a long drive, a long walk, listening to music or even watching a movie. But “you need to watch more TV” is rarely heard.

All of the other technological activities we engage in aren’t done simply just for pleasure. Whether it be automobiles, computers, smartphones, drones or the internet; it has an opportunity to better our lives.

The television adds nothing to our lives that we can’t get from somewhere else with fewer negative consequences.

I grew up watching television like everyone else. We would gather around the TV and maybe play some board games on a Thursday and Friday.

But the older I got, the more the television shows changed. If TV could be argued for, shows like “Family Matters,” “The Cosby Show” and “Boy Meets World” were ones you could come away from with lessons.

Then television hit a hard turn and became all red meat.

Reality TV, prankster shows and pure buffoonery became the norm.

I no longer felt good about myself and would come away from watching television feeling incomplete, anxious, unrepresented and left out.

It made sense because I was left out. I was wasting my time and physical energy on other people and fake realities.

There are other reasons I stopped watching television. The main ones involve the worrying amount of power a small and homogeneous group of legal communities (or corporations) have over shaping the images our children see and will eventually aspire to become.

For me, the decision is easy. I will continue not watching TV.

I’d rather live my own life than to be tricked into living someone else’s (also, I hate commercials).

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  1. If television was too much “living other peoples’ lives” for you, then you’re insanely lucky not to have gotten into gaming. Also I think it’s alright to have some buffoonery on television -shows like Modern Family or Big Bang Theory, for example- however reality shows really are hit and miss (mostly miss). Finally, I think, there are still some values and lessons television can provide… only the medium, like society itself, has changed with time. But your opinion is totally valid there is a lack of reason to watch television nowadays.

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