Community that never has to deal with systematic and racial prejudice doesn’t understand protests against racial profiling

OWH THE IHURNY, Ill. — A black community that witnessed a young, unarmed black male with his hands up shot 10 times before dying from his wounds while laying on the ground in cold blood for over 5 hours before any emergency health vehicles showed up was told by a predominately white police department to “shut up, obey the law” and not to exercise their First Amendment freedoms or risk arrest.

The same police department that treats its town’s black citizens as caged animals that need to be civilized fired rubber bullets, tear gas canisters and nausea-inducing LRAD sound cannons on peaceful protesters and members of the media for only doing exactly what they are protected to do as stated in the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States.

Police Chief Seeno Justis told members of the media at a conference that even though his job is to protect and serve a community he doesn’t even live in, this is one community that should be an exception to “serving.” Justis, who always wanted to join the military but didn’t have the guts to join an institution where its enemies would have the same if not more fire power and skills in warfare said,

“I rarely step out of my office to engage in community building. It’s much easier to knock some heads and bust a few caps to send a message to these thugs. Plus it makes up for me having a little dick and for all those times those black kids in middle school never chose me during flag football.”

As Americans from across the nation watched the clashes between Owh the Ihurny’s police department and its citizens, some viewers were left wondering why the community was so upset to begin with.

When pressed by a reporter, Tim Sinclair of Noboddi Karez, Kentucky, who just recently came to peace with his town’s elementary school being shot up by a white gunman where 18 toddlers were killed said, “I just don’t get why black people over there are making such a big fuss about this situation. I mean, we all know there’s a much bigger problem of black-on-black crime in this country, but nobody seems to protest then.”

Sinclair added, “These little black boys aren’t supposed to make it past the age of 21 anyway — and if they do they’re just going to become criminals. I salute the officer for expediting the process.”

While sitting in an all-white restaurant, being educated by an all-white educational system and rarely if ever having to deal police brutality or gang violence, his submissive wife, Kimberly Sinclair, who endures domestic abuse from Tim on a weekly basis chimed in saying, “Look at us. We upstanding white citizens of Noboddi Karez have never had to riot and rip up our own community. We’ve been the happy recipients of hundreds of years of white supremacy and western patriarchal hegemony. Those blacks should take a lesson from how things are done on this side of town.”

When asked if she’s ever had to watch multiple people in her family experience or watch a close friend or relative get killed by gangs and a corrupt police force, be the victim of a prejudiced political and judicial system, stay in poor living standards or experience living with little opportunity for social mobility, she said, “No why would I want to do that? It’s much easier to sip my latte, knowing that the police on this side of town put more resources in prosecuting a perpetrator of animal neglect than the senseless killing of an unarmed black man all while enjoying the privilege of looking down on others who are just trying to make sense of generations of systematic abuse and racial profiling.”

Kimberly, who frantically scoured the Internet that morning for some-what newsy examples of black on white crime that saw little media attention so that she could take to the comments section on to call black people hypocrites for “only” protesting examples of police brutality and racial profiling, asked, “Did you know there was a white woman who was raped and killed by two black men the other day? Even though justice was served, a trial was held and both men are on death row getting raped, the media and these black people didn’t give that case the same amount of attention this case is getting.”

As she left the restaurant to head to a home and neighborhood where she nor her two children has never and would never experience a lethal incident with its local police, she told her black waitress that she’s ashamed that the actions of a few rioters have forced her to group all black people as animals, including her server, who is a single mother working 60-hour weeks while trying to make ends meet.


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