DMX, George Zimmerman fight would justify negative black stereotpyes

A crime scene (Courtesy of
A crime scene (Courtesy of

Early reports from various media outlets showed that we might be on the verge of seeing a George Zimmerman — the man who killed the unarmed teen Trayvon Martin — vs. DMX boxing match.

It’s looking more and more like the fight will not go on, but it’s disturbing how close the fight was to occurring. There was a lot of money riding on this fight. A lot of money was to be made off the killing of a young black male (nothing new there).

This fight would not have brought Trayvon Martin back from the dead. It would not have brought justice to what many feel was an injustice and it would have only supported a man who revels in publicity stunts and more than likely has mental illnesses gone unchecked.

How desperate are we as a society to watch a once-great rapper, who stood for the struggles of man and was quickly devoured by his inner demons, take on a killer of an unarmed teen?

It’s surprising to me how many people thought nothing of this. Even more disconcerting is how the same black people who were up in arms over the verdict of the Zimmerman trial are largely quiet on this issue. It’s as if the Trayvon Martin case came and went with blacks quicker than a shoe or clothing line fad.

No matter how angry we are as a society that the outcome of the trial didn’t go the way we had hoped, watching Zimmerman get his ass whooped will never be justify what was done to Trayvon.

If and when Georgy gets his ass handed to him, all it will do is reinforce the negative stereotypes some of the mindless supporters of Zimmerman already have toward blacks: We’re violent, mindless, bitter savages that only have children for a welfare check.

Wasn’t that the impetus behind why Zimmerman shot Trayvon? Wasn’t that the reason a handful of pundits and lawyers gave when defending the killing of an unarmed teen who initially attempted to flee from Zimmerman, the aggressor?

The effects of the actions taken by Zimmerman still linger for many — especially Trayvon’s family. The stereotypes of black males are still prevalent. Trayvon may be dead, but we can be sure there will be more black males in his position: dead. In the same year the Trayvon Martin was shot and killed, another unarmed black teen, Jordan Davis, lost his life to an aggressor in familiar state of Florida.

A dispute arose because a group of black teens were playing loud music in their car at a convenience store, Michael Dunn became frsutrated. After requests for the boys to turn down their music were unsuccessful, Dunn shot his 9mm handgun eight times (in two spurts of four) into the boys’ Dodge Durango. Davis was hit three times. He died shortly in the arms of his friend.

Children protesting Chicago murder rate (Courtesy of
Children protesting Chicago murder rate (Courtesy of

Dunn and his girlfriend then fled the convenience store and headed to a St. Augustine hotel to order some pizza, watch movies and partake in a bottle of wine as if nothing happened. Dunn justified his actions by telling officials he saw a gun in the vehicle and heard a string of threats and profanity aimed at him. He thought he heard someone say “kill him.”

Dunn felt that shooting these shots into a car full of teenagers was justified because he feared for his life. To Dunn, this was as simple as self defense. The police however, found no guns in the car Davis was in.

In Dunn’s world, he is the victim in a world where blacks are out to get him. Now that Dunn is in jail, he refers to Davis as a “thug.” To add to the already detrimental perception Dunn has of black people, he had this to say not only about the black people he has to share jail with, but blacks in general. In a letter to his daughter, Dunn wrote,

“The jail is full of blacks and they all act like thugs…. This may sound a bit radical, but if more people would arm themselves and kill these fucking idiots when they’re threatening you, eventually they may take the hint and change their behavior.”

In another letter sent to a unknown person, Dunn again purports to why he is the true victim. This time he aims his argument at the media. He wrote,

“As you can imagine, I’m not getting much sympathy from the press. The’re (sic) a bunch of liberal b*****s. North Florida is more like the Deep South. They seem to have a lot of racial guilt, or at least the prosecutor’s office does.”

As difficult as it may be to see that people still view blacks as dangerous even when unarmed, we in the black community need to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We need to stop attacking our own kind for striving to do better. We need to stop telling each other “you’re not black” because we seek to educate and distance ourselves from the negative stereotypes of our community. We need to start incentivizing our children to be upstanding members of our community and create positive change.

Until we can start respecting ourselves as blacks, we can’t expect others to do the same. When others see that we kill our own kind as if we are hunting wild animals, what’s to stop them from doing the same?


*Tupac spoke about this over 20 years ago and the violence still continues. Shit don’t change: “You got whites killing blacks, cops killing blacks and blacks killing blacks. Shit just gone get worse.”


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