You’ve Been Hacked!

Earlier this week, a subgroup of the hackers @Anonymous, AntiSec, claims to have hacked the FBI and publicized 1 million UDIDs (a Unique Device Identifier) of Apple products.

They claim to have obtained this information from FBI cybersecurity agent Christopher K. Stangl’s laptop, which allegedly contained a database of over 12 million iPhone and iPad private information.

The FBI and Apple have denied that they are working together to infringe on the privacy of millions of Apple users. The FBI claims their laptop was never hacked and that they never had the capacity to do so.

But some are questioning Anonymous’ motive behind this alleged hack (as they probably should). Did Anonymous hack Apple and blame the FBI to fit their narrative? It’s possible, but I tend to believe this was not the case.

I strongly believe we should follow the money or follow the people who have the most to gain from a 12 million-user database; With an increased police state and more access to information for the average American citizen, governments and authority figures have been trying to limit our access to information. They’ve tried to stifle access to information from campaigning against net neutrality to trying to pass anti-information legislation like PIPA, SOPA and CISPA.

The government and corporations like Apple have much more to gain from access to our private information — Apple gets to sell us products based on our unique information and the government keeps tabs on us with information we willingly give them through social media.

By the way, this tweet from @AnonymousIRC is very telling of the dangers social media at times. Many people have been wary of Facebook as an arm of the FBI and possibly the CIA. After seeing this tweet, I think I will be deleting my Facebook account from my iPhone… I guess this is the kind of life we’re all stuck with now.

Either the government allegedly has access to our private information or a group of hackers allegedly released our information publicly to prove a point. Either way we’re screwed.

Courtesy of

Below are some tweets from Anonymous members. Click here to check and see if your information has been compromised. It will probably take a long time to find out, but it’s also worth the effort. Happy sailings!

Here’s how to check if your Apple device UDID has been compromised by the #AntiSec leak | | #YAN | #Anonymous | #FBI

— Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) September 4, 2012

People whose UDID was on the list released by AntiSec might want to compare their installed apps. A common culprit might be found.

— AnonymousIRC (@AnonymousIRC) September 4, 2012

#Apple denies being in cahoots with #FBI after #Anonymous steals 12M UDIDs | | #YAN

— Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) September 6, 2012

Apple fanboys, give us one good reason Apple would want to patent remotely disabling phone cameras? We’re waiting. (…)

— Anonymous (@YourAnonNews) September 6, 2012

@youranonnews Maintaining a secure facility. I worked at an automotive design center once, and phones with cameras were banned.

— Jim Schmidt (@zaren) September 6, 2012


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