As RNC Approaches, Congress Faced With Difficult Fiscal Decisions

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As the U.S. economy is slammed with a modest jobs report for July, Republicans will look to capitalize on a slowly recovering economy that is still tough for many Americans.

Republicans will attempt to pin much of the countries economic woes on Obama’s policies while touting how their ’12 ticket and congressional nominees will take America in a direction separate from President Obama. For the Republicans, pressuring the Obama administration and the Democrats to speak on their record with the economy is the best shot they have if they want to occupy the White House come January.

According to writer Larry Clifton,

“The economic expansion following the 2007-09 recession is the slowest since the 1980-81 period and the recession itself was the deepest in the post-war period, annual revisions to the data confirmed.”

According to a Reuters report, gross domestic product grew at a 1.5 percent annual rate between April. This is the weakest growth the American economy has seen since the third quarter of 2011.

Not only is the country experiencing a weak second quarter, but Congress just headed home on vacation while many within the House still believe there’s a lot of work to be done.

While Congress is on vacation, the U.S. unemployment rate is 8.3 percent and Congress still has to reach multiple compromises including whether or not to extend the Bush tax cuts, the Farm Bill, a Postal Service bailout and welfare requirements.

With sequestration drawing near, it makes this election season all the more important to the Republicans. If the Republicans and Democrats don’t come up with a deal on taxes, an automatic trigger will go into effect and the military will face devastating cuts.

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When asked about the sequester, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said, “I thought it was the dumbest idea in a body known for dumb ideas.”

Representative Kevin Brady (R-Texas) had similar thoughts on the sequester. He said, “I thought the purpose of the original sequester was to incentivize the Super Committee to cut a measly 2 percent off this big massive bloated government operation, and it failed to do that” –

Republican colleague and representative Steve LaTourette (R-Ohio) did not share the same sentiments as Graham and Brady. LaTourette believed the sequester was not a mistake. He said,

“What it was was, it made sequestration so horrible that if you listen to what [House Speaker John Boehner] said, it was designed to be so disgusting and distasteful for anybody that it would never happen. Well, guess what? It happened.”

Though the sequester was what Republicans agreed to when the Super Committee was working on a deficit reduction deal, Republicans are starting to have cold feet. Instead of coming up with a compromise, they might double down, essentially reneging on an earlier promise to reduce the deficit in a joint effort. If the Republicans renege, the money the government must save will probably be taken out of mandatory entitlements and the Republicans will have their finger prints all over the cuts.

The defense cuts that are looming are already having an effect on contractors in Tampa Bay. Recently, Pemco World Air Services Inc., and Science Applications International Corp. have announced they will lay off nearly 700 workers as the conventions and November elections draw near.

Things are also heating up for Republicans and Occupy members at the street level. The RNC and the city of Tampa Bay expect to see tens of thousands of Occupy protesters. The RNC is prepared to deal with protesters as they’ve spent about $38 million dollars in the form of an “armored truck, four-wheeled all-terrain vehicles, a fleet of bicycles, riot gear, radios and surveillance cameras” as reported by Tampa Bay Online ( The RNC has also called for an additional 4,000 police officers and 1,700 National Guard members for security.

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Occupy Tampa protesters were given an ultimatum by local businessman Joe Redner to pack up and leave by September 15. For the most part, Redner has worked with Occupy Tampa, but complaints from local residents have forced Redner to call for an eviction. He will allow Occupy Tampa members to convene in Voice of Freedom Park throughout the RNC.

According to, Tampa Bay is preparing for protests by legislating restrictions that will halt the momentum of any large protests. reported,

“In an attempt to dampen protests, the city has adopted a variety of ordinances, among them the requirement of a permit for groups of 50 or more, a limit on parade routes, and a ban on glass bottles, aerosol cans and rope longer than six feet.”

As the RNC approaches, the United States is reaching a pivotal time of reformation. With the 2012 elections approaching, Americans want to know how the economy will shape up in the next few years. Americans are unsure how they will be able to survive against third world labor, a divided Congress and a political system many feel doesn’t represent most Americans. They want to know if they can trust their government make tough decisions and sacrifices or if they’ll continue kick the can down the road.


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