Drug ‘Company’ Sold Drugs for Children Without FDA Approval

courtesy of healylongjevin.com

In the War on Drugs, authorities and whistleblowers infiltrated and blew the lid off of a large, well-connected and profitable drug cartel—a drug cartel so deceitful in their intentions that they were able disguised themselves as a business working to better society. Authorities found that this drug cartel was selling drugs for children and the vulnerable through misinformation from supposedly credible middle men.

This drug cartel is not in Mexico or any Central or South American country. The drug cartel is GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) of London, England (with buildings in the US) and they are being fined $3 billion for selling unauthorized anti-depressants aimed at children, withholding critical information about one of their drugs to the FDA and bribing their doctors with money and extravagant entertainment.

GlaxoSmithKline would pimp celebrity doctors to do speaking gigs and spread their propaganda over the radio. One celebrity “doctor,” Dr. Pinsky (also known as Dr. Drew), was allegedly paid $275,000 by GSK to promote the drug Wellbutrin over the media, despite the drug not being approved by the FDA. According to the government Dr. Drew said the drug,

“may enhance or at least not suppress sexual arousal.”

And when asked about his relationship with GSK, Dr. Drew said,

“In the late ’90s I was hired to participate in a two-year initiative discussing intimacy and depression which was funded by an educational grant by Glaxo Wellcome.”

His campaign also “included town hall meetings, writings and multimedia activities in conjunction with [a] patient advocacy group.” He added, “My comments were consistent with my clinical experience (quotes credited to The Wall Street Journal).”

courtesy of parnassusgroup.comThe $3 billion charged to GSK is for criminal and civil charges with federal and state governments (shouldn’t this money be allotted to the victims of this malpractice?). They are being fined for illegally marketing drugs not approved by the FDA. It is also illegal for doctors to promote drugs not approved by the FDA; This practice is known as “off-label” marketing.

For GSK, this is just a slap on the wrist. Despite their criminal intentions and activity, nobody has been jailed and nobody probably will because in this world money talks and $3 billion is hush money is good enough to keep our government in check. Our government and regulators will do just enough to make it look as though they’re protecting citizens, but they’ll never cross the line and threaten their political relationship with major corporations.

What’s even more disturbing, as reported by the Health Ranger, is that companies like GSK are probably just a drop in the bucket. Companies like GSK make so much money that a $3 billion fine is nothing to them. It’s safe to believe that GSK and similar companies have these costs written into their finances and consider these lawsuits just a part of doing business.

I don’t know why more of us don’t see a drug company who sells drugs for profits to be a conflict of interest. There has been too much evidence to point to the fact that these companies are fixing profits, manipulating results (like what Merck did by incorporating animal antibodies in order to give the appearance of immune system antibodies) and bribing their doctors with financial incentives and entertainment.

This incident shows that we must be aware of our emotions and desires and learn how to control them. Because if we don’t learn to control these things, someone else will. Predators are out there waiting to feed off any of our insecurities and fears (fear of being fat, unlovable and abnormal). This case shows that evil men (and women) will do anything for the dollar, but we need only to blame ourselves for allowing these criminals to peddle drugs to our children. These are our children!

Former New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer looked into these corruptions almost over a decade ago over similar allegations. He called these people “incorrigible” and with practices like these it’s difficult to believe otherwise.

courtesy of damncoolpictures.com

The light is being shined on the system and there’s nowhere for them to hide, but we must not be afraid of this light—we must embrace it. If we’re afraid to make a stand for ourselves, that’s one thing, but we have to at least stand up and fight for our children because these companies will laugh to the bank despite the health of our children. As a matter of fact, they’ll probably benefit from making our children sick because then they’ll just prescribe them an additional drug to combat the side effects of the initial one. They’ll keep picking our pockets and we’ll keep letting them.


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