NATO Protests Give Glimpse Into Police State

Though the NATO summit in Chicago didn’t happen until today, there was plenty of news and excitement to go around from yesterday.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which many purport to be unnecessary in today’s world, has been a dirty word for the people of the Middle-East, Latinos, Central Americans and many other societies.

Knowing that protesters would show up in full force, the US spent millions of dollars to protect the elite for a measly few days. In times of austerity and massive cuts, it rarely makes sense to see politicians waste millions to protect an elite against a majority of protesters who are peaceful. Interesting how the world’s strongest military continues to claim that hipsters and hippies are a bigger threat than the police’s sound cannons, billy clubs, armored vehicles, tasers, guns, drones and abusive techniques.

As expected, protesters, including Occupiers and Anonymous members, showed up Saturday in a cooperative showing of solidarity to show the leaders of the world that they do not condone their militaristic and inhumane behavior anymore.

During the summit, leaders also discussed their new ballistic missile defense system that is more than likely an attempt to further intimidate Iran and frustrate Russia. It’s more than frustrating to see these politicians and elite figures from around the world express their concerns of dangerous protesters as “terrorists,” but refuse to give credence to the protesters’ concerns. Protesters are out taking a stand against corruption and the military industrial complex and what are the first things NATO members discuss? They talk about installing more weapon systems to send a message to the Iranian “terrorists.”

Somewhat positive news was gleaned from the summit though as leaders discussed the future of Western nations’ occupation of Afghanistan. As budgets around the world are becoming strained and political fallout is growing, NATO members are beginning to consider allowing the Afghan military defend their own country. It’s funny because who are we to tell someone else how to protect their own country?

It’s unreal to know that the only reason we are considering pulling out of Afghanistan is because of the world economy. Forget the facts that OBL is dead, soldiers are returning home sick, injured, uninsured, homeless and unhinged, thousands of civilians and schools are being bombed or that Afghanistan is not the real threat, but we are only considering pulling out because we just don’t have the funds. But believe me, if these governments had the money, we’d be there forever.

My Twitter feed was exploding with tweets about NATO under the hashtag #noNATO last night. I had to switch to my TweetDeck application in order to keep up with information, so most of the stuff on this post will be from Twitter.

For updates on NATO and what’s happening in Chicago follow @OccupyChicago‘s feed. In the meantime take a look at some tweets from yesterday (some photos may not appear so make sure to click the links on each tweet to see the related photos):

  • Here is a video of Luke Rudkowski of being raided by Chicago police:

Even with all of this chaos, the worst part hasn’t even been discussed. Three protesters were caught and are now being charged with attempting to firebomb Obama’s campaign headquarters as well Mayor Emmanuel’s North Side home. But the catch is that one of the protesters was an undercover cop and according to the two mens’ lawyer Michael Deutsch, the cops provided the men with the equipment. Is this another case of entrapment like we saw with the CIA and the alleged bomb plot foil on OBL’s anniversary?

It’s interesting that as the country was showing more disdain and anger towards the TSA (especially after they said an 18-month-old was a terrorist and pulled her off a flight) all of a sudden the CIA foils a bombs plot and finds a gun stuffed in a child’s stuffed animal as if to show us why we need the TSA. Right…

Some view these arrests during the NATO protests as a false flag attempt so the government can get the public on their side to pass even more freedom infringing laws on the American public and Internet rogues.

Let’s see if the American public has learned its lesson since Sept. 11. I highly doubt it.



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