Bush Administration Charged With War Crimes; Tribunal Moves to Enforcement Phase

Courtesy of impeachforpeace.org

The Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Tribunal, which is based on the trails at Nuremburg, is proceeding to its enforcement stage after convicting various members of the Bush administration of war crimes.

The tribunal, based in Malaysia, comprises the International Criminal Court, the United Nations, and various national courts.

Among the heated topics discussed were American torture techniques. Testimonies (as reported on by Press TV) from alleged victims included horror stories of the removal of fingernails with pliers, electrocutions and sexual humiliation — Oh, let’s not forget the friendly fraternity, hazing-style activity of waterboarding.

This is the first conviction of the Bush administration like this anywhere in the world. The magnitude of this conviction is immense.

The War on Terror has been nothing short of a disaster. Ten plus years in Afghanistan, a lack of cultural perspective when engaging in these wars, soldiers returning home unhinged, pitting Islam, Christianity, races and cultures against each other like a novel from the Dark Ages and an Iraq War that was based on lie have bankrupted the country, killed millions of civilians and cast a dark vibe over the world.

The enforcement phase remains a bit unclear, but the tribunal has already issued that the American government pay reparations for the crimes committed under the 5 Complainant War Crimes case.

Questions still remain. Will the Bush administration really be held accountable for various war crimes against nations and humanity? Is this even a realist opportunity to make an example out of the previous administration? Who will foot the bill of reparations if properly charged? And when will the tribunal turn its attention to the Obama administration?

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