Live Fast, Die Young: Bad Girls Do It Well

As I was perusing Twitter (like I always do because I have no life), I came across some very interesting tweets from @McCainBlogette and @SandraFluke. The two saw each other during the White House Correspondents Dinner weekend and took a photo together. This is the photo Meghan tweeted:

Then Sandra responded with this tweet:

Of course this photo caused controversy among right-wingers and conservative pundits. Michelle Malkin took this moment of two young women who enjoy each other’s company despite coming from different backgrounds and political ideologies to tell everyone how much this moment wanted to make her puke (That’s funny because I had a similar feeling looking through Michelle’s timeline for her tweet).

The response from other women around the web towards Sandra and Meghan is pathetic and sad in many cases. These two women have been called fat, slutty, whoreish, dimwitted and privileged, but that’s to be expected from gitwits that sit behind computers with their hands in their pants. It’s also crazy to hear a lot of this banter come from other women, so as you could imagine it shows some hope to see people on the right reach out to Sandra.

Of course, no one person should speak for everyone within their culture, but at the same time, no one person should be persecuted as trying to do so if they haven’t said they want to speak for everyone. On the topic of birth control and abortion, a lot of women want to remain subordinate to their male counterparts and that is their right, just get out of the way of other women who want to be treated equally. The women who want to remain subordinate can have a good time being followers, but not all women want to fit into that role. Some women want to be leaders and trailblazers. After all, well-behaved women rarely make history.

In today’s hyperpartisan political atmosphere, many of us refuse to listen to others with different viewpoints. The status quo is for everyone to be robots. We have to believe in everything the party we vote with does and says. But I believe people are more complex than that. Maybe some people on the left believe in religious freedom, but are against the persecution of Muslims in the United States. Maybe some Republicans praise lower taxes on multinational corporations but disagree with the bottom line taking priority over the environmental.

It makes it difficult to get out of this economic rut because of people who only think in black and white, who refuse to see the good in the other party and who see the other party as an enemy. Smart people compromise and understand how politics really work.

Only children want it their way all the time, never share, always talk and rarely listen.

Sorry America, didn’t mean to call you out like that.

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