Discovery Channel Intimidated Into Not Reporting the Facts on Climate Change

Sometimes it can be difficult perceive the box that we’ve been forced into because it’s not something we can touch or see with our eyes.

People usually think of slavery in terms of chains and shackles. But we rarely think about how the people and institutions around us shackle our minds and behavior through the threat of banishment, being considered a social pariah and/or media character assassinations.

For instance, if the corrupt minds of organizations control the media, the food supply and the weapons and if we get all of our supplies from them, are we really free?

The same dilemma is at hand if we take a look at the Discovery Channel. Recently, they’ve been promoting theirFrozen Planetseries — A series chronicling the far corners of our world that we rarely see or even know exist. The series is done well because it shows just how intricate the ecosystem is and how any imbalances can shake everything up.

For instance, glaciers breaking off and flowing back into the world’s massive oceans are important because the glaciers eventually melt and provide the oceans with a new supply of fresh water.

But what happens when the poles don’t have a chance to freeze over because the earth’s temperature is rising at an alarming rate? What happens when humans destroy trees, poison water supplies and fill an already warming atmosphere with more carbon dioxide? Well, the process becomes compromised and those that live off the land are put in more dire situations.

But if you’re the Discovery Channel, you’re not going to report on the facts because of the criticism you may or may not receive from right-winged extremists. According to the show’s producer Vanessa Berlowitz, she said,

“[…] That we’re trying to educate mass audiences and get children involved, and we didn’t want people saying ‘Don’t watch this show because it has a slant on climate change.’”

It doesn’t really make sense for Berlowitz to say that because right-winged extremists, oil lobbyists and oil companies aren’t going to watch or support the Discovery Channel to begin with. It would probably be too “natury” and educational for their liking.

In an attempt to avoid politicizing the show, Berlowitz’s refusal to report on the facts has shown that she cares more about her naysayers than the show’s followers and the people who want to learn more about climate change.

Her refusal to report on the facts also shows how afraid scientists and educational leaders are of reporting on climate change because it, like most things sustainable, has become political football.

Similar to how Rush Limbaugh was intimidated by his advertisers and people on the left, the Discovery Channel is now being pressured by right-wing groups to not report on the facts. The fact is that 97% of climate scientists say that climate change is a real problem.

Protecting the earth from climate change is not for the earth’s sake (the earth can recover). Protecting the environment is to essentially protect humans and the abundance of life that surrounds us.

As Americans and Westerners, it’s easy to be apathetic about how our actions affect the rest of the world (and eventually us). We have technology and intricate systems to shield us from the immediate effects of climate change, but make no mistake, the effects will reach us sooner rather than later.

But what about less affluent countries like India and Africa? Droughts have become such a problem in parts of Africa that scientists and government officials have already started to contemplate ways to fight the increasing number of droughts terrorizing the continent. They want to try artificial rainfall.

It’s a nice try, but artificial rainfall won’t protect us from a public that is unconscious, too lazy to do its own research, too numb to understand its place in the universe, too apathetic to see the beauty in the ecosystem and too afraid to speak from the heart.


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