Study Shows Toxins from GM Foods Passed from Mother to Fetus

The apocalypse is coming for those who choose to operate in the dark…

A study by independent doctors at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the University of Sherbrooke Hospital Center in Quebec, Canada has produced some stunning results.

In a study of 69 women (30 pregnant and 39 who were not pregnant), blood samples were taken of umbilical cords and the female subjects, looking for traces of pesticides that come from the consumption of genetically modified (GM) foods.

The results showed that Bt toxins, which are used in the cultivation of GM corn, were found in 93 percent of pregnant mothers (28 out of 30) and 80 percent of the umbilical chords (24 out of 30) (Here are previous posts I wrote on the effects of Bt toxins on Indian farmers and residents of Nitro, West Virginia).

Researchers believe this to be a ground-breaking study as it not only shows that Bt proteins and other chemicals from GM products are not immediately passed through the digestive tract as suggested by GM companies, but these toxins are retained for some time and passed from the placenta into the fetus.

It is not known what effects these toxins may have on people or fetuses, but knowing how delicate the prenatal process is, one should not be surprised if Bt toxins have disastrous effects on the unborn.

Until recently, studies on the effects of GM foods were conducted by the GM industry or the Agriculture Biotechnology Council to be specific.

As more people wake up to the path of destruction the United States, Inc. has created, we are finding out that some legislators do have the interest of the public in mind — Some is always better than none and as long as the ball is rolling in the right direction, I’m not really worried how long that ball takes to get to its destination.

In Vermont, state legislators have proposed a bill, H-722 or the “VT Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act”, which would force companies who are genetically engineering food partially or wholly to create labels on their products that express such.

Of course, this is not going over well with multi-billion dollar corporations like Monsanto. Monsanto is threatening to sue the state of Vermont if the bill passes the Senate. “How dare the public have access to information to better govern themselves!”

It will be interesting to see what grounds Monsanto will sue the state over. It’s beyond petty when the government passes draconian laws like the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and then responds to criticism by saying, “If you’re innocent, then you don’t have to worry about the government killing American citizens it feels are a threat to national security without due process.”

Yea, but the problem with NDAA is that I won’t have a chance to prove my innocence if you kill me first… Duh.

Then corporations like Monsanto turn around and point the finger at the government for something as basic as the people’s right to know if they are consuming GMOs and its toxins or not. I respond to them by saying, “If you’re innocent, then you should have no problem letting the public know if it’s consuming your products or not. Why keep your products hidden in secrecy? Are you guilty of something?”


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