The Madness Behind the Trayvon Martin Case

I’m not even sure where to start on this one. A lot has happened since my initial posting on the Trayvon Martin case.

The first thing I want to say about where this case has gone is “WOW”! Are you freaking kidding me? Zimmerman still hasn’t been charged and he was given his murder weapon back by Sanford police? At least the DOJ is getting involved.

And of course, Fox News and right-winged sites have turned this into a political issue where if you’re white you have to take Zimmerman’s side and yes, people I know took the bait.

Political pundits are using his death as political fodder for the upcoming election cycle and it’s despicable to say the least. Here’s a look at the media madness surrounding Trayvon’s death:

You can say Trayvon looked like a thug (which a lot of people are saying as if that makes it okay to kill someone), he may have gotten suspended for bullying or that he refers to himself as a “nigga.” None of that means ANYTHING! It’s all speculation. So let’s look at the facts (I know this is a scary word to a lot of people out there):

A lot of people are alluding to the Stand Your Ground law in Florida that states that a person does not have to retreat if they feel their life is in danger. They can shoot first. But the law does not say that you can follow a suspect, engage with them, shoot and kill them, then claim self-defense. If that’s the case, I can shoot anyone I want and claim self-defense. I’ll be sent home with a pat on the back.


Sanford Police Department’s Incompetence

The SPD is trying to cover for Zimmerman for whatever reason. If you can recall, Chief Lee (who has now stepped down until further notice) said he cannot prove that Zimmerman didn’t act in self-defense. That’s weird because I though you had the “burden of proof” in a murder case. Imagine going to a judge after you kill someone and the judge automatically takes your side and defends your innocence. In America, you have to provewhy you’re innocent… What’s the point of the judicial system if you don’t even have to defend yourself and the police, the prosecutor and the judge immediately take your side?

Despite multiple witnesses that want to use their accounts as evidence, Sanford police refuse to do so because they feel that Zimmerman’s account is all they need. They even allegedly told a witness that it wasn’t Trayvon they heard screaming but it was Zimmerman. Can they even do that?

Sanford police lied to the Martin family telling them that Zimmerman’s record was clean. Zimmernan’s father also lied by claiming Trayvon chased after Zimmerman. That was not what the 911 call exposed. Now SPD is saying that Trayvon decked Zimmerman with one blow and that Trayvon reached for Zimmerman’s gun as if to say that the use of deadly force was reasonable by Zimmerman. But what about the fact that Zimmerman pursued Trayvon? Funny how they leave that evidence out.

Even if Trayvon did beat Zimmerman’s ass, he had every right to. Zimmerman had no right to follow Trayvon, confront him and question his residence. That’s not his duty.

The craziest thing about this story is what the first officers to the scene did. Not only did an alleged narcotics officer arrive before the homicide unit, the two initial officer tried to resuscitate Trayvon through CPR. Really? A kid has a bullet hole in his chest and is bleeding to death and you think breathing in his mouth is going to help? CALL THE EMT YOU FOOLS!

Unbelievable… This is why the Department of Justice must get involved. The Sanford police are not cut out for real police work. They will be exposed.


Taking Sides

This case is not a black and white issue (despite a black boy being killed in cold blood) but this is America so blacks and whites will make it such. Black people want to get involved in this case because a black boy was killed and white people want to protect Zimmerman because they want to play the reverse racism card.

People on Twitter are saying things like “Well, a white boy was beat up by a black man yesterday” (as if this is equivalent to the Trayvon case where a boy was KILLED). And my response to that is, “Did perp get sentenced?” And they respond “Yea, he’s in prison.” And I want to be like, “So what’s your point?!” Zimmerman hasn’t even been charged or put on trial. How are these cases equivalent?

In the cases where whites are beaten or killed by a minority assailant, the minority goes to prison. When Trayvon Martin gets killed by a white person, not only is there no investigation, but the cops cover up the crime, let the man walk free and give him back his murder weapon.

This isn’t about people getting excited over a white man killing a black boy. This isn’t about the “liberal media” painting Zimmerman as a racist. This isn’t about Obama and the Department of Justice taking on this case because they love black people and hate white people.

This is about a dead child who has not received justice and an incompetent Sanford Police Department that has a history of cover-ups.

Above everything else, why can’t we let Trayvon rest in peace. We keep digging up dirt, smearing him and referring to him as a thug. Who cares? What does that have to do with the evidence on the scene? I didn’t want to write this, but this story has turned so ugly so fast. There’s so much misinformation going around, I had to step in.

Look up the facts. Don’t spread lies. Don’t believe the hype and show some respect for the dead.




  1. Did the emt examine Zimmerman because of his bloody nose and wound on
    the back of his head, at the crime site?????????? And did they write their

  2. In Response to your “facts”

    ■Trayvon was killed with a bag of Skittles and an iced tea in his pocket (no gun, no knife, no weapon, no nothing). He was unarmed. – True but he was beating GZ into a pummel and smashing his head into the concrete. Your hands can be considered weapons.
    ■Zimmerman has a police record after assaulting police in 2005 and resisting arrest. Trayvon has NO criminal record. Let me spell that out again… NO CRIMINAL RECORD. — Duh he was 17, there will be no Criminal Record. But just 3 weeks before he punched his bus driver in teh back of the head. As seen from texts between his cuisin and himself weeks before. Are you telling me his own family would lie about such an act. I think not. So he does have a HISTORY OF VIOLENCE.
    ■Zimmerman called SPD 46 times between Jan. 1, 2011 and the time he shot Trayvon showing that he had a close relationship with Sanford police. — YOu forget that 2 of those phone calls resulted in the arrest of 2 men being arrested for beng caught in the act of braking in to houses of the neighborhood. If you ask me that makes GZ the good guy for watching and reporting.
    ■Trayvon was bagged and taken to the morgue where he was labeled a John Doe for three days before police contacted his parents. – He was shot on the 26th of Feb and the parents were informed about it on the 27th when they filed a missing persons report. Yes he was initially labeled as John Doe but was later updated on the 27th around the same time that the missing persons report was filed.
    ■His cell phone was confiscated (who knows what the police did to his phone history and texts). – Nothing was done to the phone. Are you implying that the police tampered with evidence. I think you are paranoid and delusion.
    *Zimmerman was not following neighborhood watch rules (especially the one that says you can’t drive around your neighborhood in a vehicle strapped). If you see something suspicious, you report it to police and let them do their job. In Zimmerman’s initial 911 call, you can clearly hear the police officer tell Zimmerman not to pursue the suspect, but he did anyway. – He had a concealed carry permit which by LAW grants him the right to have a fire arm on his person. And you can follow someone as long as you want, despite what police tell you. You can also ask questions to someone in your neighborhood. EVERYONE HAS THAT RIGHT.
    ■Multiple witnesses say they heard someone scream for help many times then a gunshot was heard and the screaming stopped (visit this site to hear the witness 911 calls). – The first EYEWITNESS (a 13 year old african american kid might I add) stated to the police that he saw Trayvon standing over George punching him in the face. So who do you think was crying out for help. READ IT –

  3. You say and I quote “Above everything else, why can’t we let Trayvon rest in peace. We keep digging up dirt, smearing him and referring to him as a thug. Who cares? What does that have to do with the evidence on the scene?” Key words EVIDENCE ON THE SCENE. So far all evidence points to Trayvon being the hostile one. IE. Bruises on Trayvons Knuckles, indicitive of someone punching someone. No marks on his palms, which are indicitive of someone trying to fend off a hostile person. George Zimmerman on the other hand did have these palm marks, and also had a broken nose and several cuts on the back of his head from being bashed into the concrete. We do have an EYE WITNESS (evidence) that Trayvon was beating George, while George was crying for help. ALL EVIDENCE at the scene points to George being innocent. So please do your research before passing judgement on an event in which you did not witness.

  4. Do you need me to post the links to all the articles that talk about each point above? Because I can do so. And ALL the actual real evidence is what is in the Police Report, 911 call, and Autopsy Report and nothing more. Everything else that happened that night is pure speculation. George Zimmerman should be equitted based on Evidence Alone. If this were any other case he would be. The media has made this a firestorm.

    More Evidence – Please look at each link/reference in regards to topic. Thank you.

    On the Bus Driver incident –

    Tweet from Trayvon’s Cousin ‘Yu ain’t tell me yu swung on a bus driver,’ a user (later identified as Trayvon’s cousin) Tweeted to Travyon’s account five days before he was killed.

    On Trayvon’s Knuckles –

    “The medical examiner found two injuries on Martin’s body: The fatal gunshot wound and broken skin on his knuckles.”
    Actual Autopsy Report –

    On page 7 (the human silhouette drawings) notes the Abrasions to both of Trayvon Martin’s hands.

    Please note on Page 2 of the Office of the Medical Examiner, District 7 & 24 Report the THC levels in Trayvon Martins System. (This is on the 13th page into the entire document)

    Actual Police Report –

    Please notice on page 7 of the original police report. “I could observe that his back appeared to be wet and was covered in grass, as if he had been laying on this back on the ground. Zimmerman was also bleeding from the nose and back of his head.” A little farther down the policeman stated. “I overhead him state. “I was yelling for someone to help me. But no one would help me.” This cooberates the story told by the 13 year old eyewitness, Austin Brown. Link to story –

    FBI Analysis of Audio records were inconclusive “they could not determine who was yelling for help”. Therefore the original Police report still stands. Go to this link for screenshots of the FBI findings, scroll down to point circled in Red. This article also has several links that further prove Zimmerman’s innocence. Please read for further enlightenment on the case. As Grissom would say from CSI, “You have to follow the evidence.”

    Series of injury photo’s,%20drugs,%20etc.

    taken shortly after the incident that reveal Zimmerman’s injuries quite clearly, but what is most interesting is what the fourth photo in their series does not reveal: the slightest injury to his hands. It is obvious that he did not strike Martin. The autopsy report supports this as well with its recitation of Martin’s damaged knuckles and no facial injuries or other injuries attributable to blows from Zimmerman. Also the 8th photo in that CNN series also makes it quite clear that it had been raining, and heavily, that night. The grass and sidewalk depicted are clearly soaking wet. Multiple fresh raindrops are also visible on the lens of the camera.

    Please note that Martin was in “possession” of marijuana at the time of the incident. This is a contributing factor in that this might have given cause for Martin to attack Zimmerman due to a potential questioning and then possible arrest from police arriving on scene from being under the influence (this is just speculation might I add as I was not there). But the fact is that marijuana or (THC) was found in his system in the autopsy report(see link above for autopsy report).

    If you would like more evidence I can provide it. Thank you.

  5. 1. Thanks for taking the time out to respond to my blog post 2. Maybe you should write your own because this is a long comment 3. Do you understand that marijuana stays in your system up to 45 days AFTER you’ve used it? 4. How does marijuana use affect the details of the “scuffle?” Marijuana DOES NOT make one more prone to violence so…

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