There is No Learning, Only Remembering

The more I take my time, pay attention and look around, the more I begin to see that what is happening on Earth is just a microcosm of what is happening in the universe. The universe is going through a change in consciousness and so are we. The economic collapse, the mortgage crisis, climate change, the endless wars, the struggle between power and ethics and the battle for our spirits is not unique to what is happening across the cosmos.

How many people have recently been going through intense mental highs and lows? One day your up and your feeling the universe’s vibrations and the next day your down and you can’t explain why. I’ve had people close to me tell me how they wanted to take their lives, friends who have no spiritual grounding so they become susceptible to the psy-ops war and people reacting in hostility when I speak about matters of spiritual awakening. I do what I can to explain what I think is going on.

Some people need to be reminded that we are not secluded in the universe. We are very much a part of a greater power. Remember, our solar system is not stationary, but it is flying through the cosmos at mind-blowing speeds. It’s not so far off to think that this little blue marble we call home is more than a planet, but is actually a sort of conscious and life-supporting starship.

Hopefully, this should point to the fact that the idea of separation in any aspect of our lives is an illusion. The politicians, our current language, and the psy-ops war being waged by the government, corporations, and advertisers are here to alter our perception of this life. They want to instill fear, despair and uncertainty in our lives and rearrange our inner circuitry so that they can profit when we buy the things we think we lack. Advertisers will tell you themselves that their job is to make you buy things you don’t need. Hm.

This gets me to ask why we refer to politicians as leaders, lords, ministers, kings, queens and royalty. The only thing we haven’t decided to call them is our master. We might as well call the people who rule our perception our masters because we give them this power. Not only do we vote for them, pay for their campaigns and buy their lies, but we give them permission to invade our lives.

Everyone, these days, is afraid of the government coming into our neighborhoods in brown suits, boots and armored tanks. This is what we really think it’s going to look like when fascism, a dictatorial state and the New World Order come to America? Do we really think they’ll make it that easy for us to spot them?

See, the thing about the American mindset is that it’s difficult to convince us to do anything because we are a very independent country (at least we used to be). I can’t remember who, but during the Revolutionary War, one of our generals realized we were losing the war to Britain. Our morale was low and the soldiers had no shoes, no shelter and no hope. The general’s biggest obstacle was not the use of military force, but it was to persuade the soldiers that what was good for them was also good for the country. Basically, the general understood the independence of the American psyche, so he learned the art of persuasion. And so began the real war: The war for our spiritual sovereignty.


The Corruption and Ensuing Paradigm Shift

I said all of that to say this: We’ve all been asleep for so long, allowing the government, corporations, the Federal Reserve banking system, and advertisers to steal our country, but more importantly, lead our lives into a world of lies. The corruption is so expansive that it has become a part of the ordinary; A part of the truth. Today, the truth is that there are no morals and few have ethics. There is no justice. There is only the powerful and the powerless. The rules are written for the little people, not those with money and power. This becomes obvious when you realize why we are in so many wars and why we allow the banks to get away with murder. Here’s an article highlighting how banks stayed solvent during the economic collapse: They laundered drug money… And nobody’s surprised. But shouldn’t we be?

But people are waking up and this isn’t due to coincidence. It’s all a part of the larger cosmic plan. Corruption and pain is necessary for us to evolve. We are apophatic, being meaning we must see the lies and pain to realize that is not what we want. We don’t learn proactively, but only through reaction means.

I see protests and the days of Revelations all around me. I see revelation not in the sense of the end of the world, but in the sense of the beginning of a new world through revealing the lies and corruption that we’ve willingly allowed for so long.

We may think that we came up with an idea to protest or an idea for a perfect business on our own, but how much of what we partake in everyday is really our own idea? Our language, cooking recipes, ways of thinking and style is all borrowed from someone who either came before us or capitalized on the opportunity to publish the idea first. Again, we are not separate from the larger picture, but a part of it.

For instance, scientists have theorized that memories and ideas may not even be contained inside the brain, but in energy fields that resonate outside of the body. It’s what biologist and author Dr. Rupert Sheldrake theorized when he spoke about morphic resonance, or morphogenetic fields, which are organization fields of

“[…] animal and human behavior, social and cultural systems, and of mental activity can all be regarded as morphic fields which contain an inherent memory.”

Sheldrake came up with this theory when studying monkeys in different parts of the world. He realized that as soon as one species learned how to use particular tools, a similar species thousands of miles away would also learn how to use those tools. He thought this was more than a coincidence.

So do you think the Native American shamans, the African grios and those of the Enlightenment period were onto something when they all said, “Knowing is not learning, it is remembering“? So I ask you, how can it be that people from different time periods, scattered across the world all came to the same conclusion about knowing? You already know the answer…

Or take how scientists now have evidence to support that people are rebelling against social norms because of a growing amount of grey matter in our brains. More grey matter is correlated to more individualized thinking and less attachment to social norms no matter age, gender, or race. This is weird because it seems to me that a lot of people are protesting and fighting against the norms of a system that is unrepresentative, corrupt and outdated. Is this new passion sweeping the globe a coincidence too?

You hear it everywhere. The saying is “nothing is new under the sun.” But how many of us really paid attention to these words? The world is changing fast and at times it feels like I’m trapped in a whirlpool, getting closer to the center as time moves on at a rapid and frenetic pace.

It seems to me as though the Arab Spring got things rolling and the kinetic energy around the world has become unstoppable. Once you give people a taste of the truth in a compelling manner, there’s no stopping it. Now you have Occupy protests occurring in nearly every major city, women in Virginia protesting at their Capitol for reproductive rights, religious institutions fighting for their ethical sovereignty, Wisconsin citizens fighting for workers’ rights, California resident voicing their concerns over rising tuition, nations all over Europe raising hell to keep from losing their homes and so many more examples of enlightenment.

Basically, everyone is asking, “What the fu** is going on? What are we doing?” It’s a good place to start if you ask me.


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