Countries Still Being Stolen Right in Front of Our Eyes

Hundreds and thousands of years ago, empires stole land and enslaved populations through biological and military warfare. Terrorism still goes on today, but it is done through financial means. This is a deadly game where those who write the rules are above the law and held to no standards. Whole countries are now at risk of being enslaved and taken over by the international banksters.

Greece is about to lose its sovereignty, that is if it has not already. Spain is not too far behind. From some of the research I’ve done, Greece is in its particular predicament because of greedy unions who are thirsty for older and easily-contracted workers, an austerity-ready government and slimy corporations who would rather hoard their money and halt investments.

Not matter how you look at it, it’s a huge clusterf***.

Greece is pissed off because their government was too large and out of control and they thought they could spend their way into bliss without paying for the consequences.

They’re paying now.

Now the financials “ministers” (I’m sorry, but I hate that word “ministers.” Why do we call these thieves and terrorists ministers as if they are men and women of God. They are far from it!) are mandating that Greece take their bailout money or else. Hm, that sounds vaguely familiar to a bailout that occurred in 2008 with a host of financial institutions in a country that likes to consider itself the beacon of light to the world. Interesting.

The Greeks are upset because they feel as though they are being teased with a bailout that will surely spell the end of their sovereignty, like a starving mouse who just found cheese on a mousetrap. Now the people are begging for pocket change.

Greece initially received a bailout of what would be worth $460B (350B in Euros, but I can’t find the keyboard sign for that). This second bailout is worth $170B. This includes at least $500M worth of cuts in the military, hospitals and other social programs.

Basically, Greece is in for a world of hurt. Any economists with basic knowledge would know that it would be better if the Eurozone just allowed Greece to default. Why rack up billions upon billions in debt when you know that you have little chance to pay it back?

Well it’s because of vulture capitalism.


Why Doesn’t Greece Just Default?

Argentina was faced with a similar problem in 2001-2002. In order to save whatever ounce of sovereignty the country had left, they defaulted on all of their loans. They liquidated everything. They started over. But even Argentina felt this was a better way to go then to allow the capitalist vultures of Frankfurt, New York City and London to feast on their remains.

Again, I can’t get into all of the details because I will confuse you and confuse myself because I don’t know the details of the banking system. But because of the initial contract Greece signed with the Eurozone, it’s just not allowed. The Eurozone never had the language included in their contract to allow these countries to remove themselves from the Eurozone when things got difficult. I believe the Eurozone knew things could and probably would get ugly. But basically, Greece is now the Eurozone’s bitch.

Greece has had to agree to bailouts even when the majority of the people within it didn’t want to. This was all basically written in the fine print. It’s too bad the Greeks are now stuck in such a terrible position.

Now the people of Greece have nowhere to turn. They’re trapped in a corner and the country is descending into chaos, much like what happened in the US in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck.

Not only is Greece done for, but Spain is not far behind. I’m sure a number of other countries will follow suit including the US. Things are not looking good in the US either. The dollar isn’t even worth as much as the Euro. Baby Boomers now have to work until they die, student loan debt is about to reach $1 trillion, there are 100 million Americans in poverty, the bottom 50% of Americans own less than %2.5 of the nation’s wealth and the nation is racking up more debt in a few years than all of the debt combined from its inception.



The International Banksters Now Want to Plead Incompetence

If you tell me this is just another recession that’s a part of the economic boom and bust cycles, I’m just not listening. This is something more. The banksters and financial “ministers” around the world must have known what woud happen when they took little to no risk in their investments while placing most of the risk on the borrower.

After all, these are the guys that always told us “let us handle regulating ourselves because it’s just too complicated for you peasants to understand.” Well, what happened? The world’s economies are collapsing. Now all of a sudden they plead for incompetence and we fall for it? Not this dude…

As a fellow blogger of mine noted, the banksters around the world are resigning and fleeing their posts en-masse (all but the American banksters; The ones who were at the heart of the problem, but somehow keep getting bailed out and keep having their taxes cut).

The time is coming for us to wake up and get out shit together. If we don’t do it now, we’ll be forced to soon enough.

Overall, I hope everyone is living their lives, loving for the ones they care about, learning about the essence of what it means to be human, taking chances and preparing for the worst. If these events aren’t a wake up call then you’re not paying attention.

I believe there is a blessing in every message and the blessing is that we as humans are going to have to return to our roots. Society has taken us away from our roots and taught us that money, bank accounts, fast cars and fast lives are who we are. And to the programmers’ credit, this was who we were, but only for a moment.

Now is our chance to take back our lives and I don’t necessarily mean taking to the streets and rioting. I mean that all of us must ask ourselves what we were put here for. Each of us must look into ourselves and tame the beast called the ego. Until we conquer the ghost in the machine, nothing will change. For too long we’ve been blinded by this matrix-like video game that we all chose to plug into.

This is the time to choose between the red or the blue pill. Do we want to keep living a dream or wake up and take our lives back (sorry for the nerd reference to “The Matrix,” but the movie is so relevant these days)?

*Here is an interesting piece I came across the other day. It’s called “55 Interesting Facts About the US Economy in 2012.” Take a look! 😀


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