Occupy DC Ain’t Giving In

Last Friday Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) and Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), who are in charge of a subcommittee that overseas D.C. affairs, put pressure on the National Park police to evict Occupy DC from McPherson Square.

Issa and Gowdy, tea party supporters, came to the conclusion that they had enough of all this truth-telling and the helping of the homeless from the occupiers. It’s time to shut them down. Gowdy said this about camping in McPherson Square:

Unless it occurs in designated camping areas or is specifically allowed by the National Park. A flier posted and distributed in McPherson Square by the Park Service emphasized that ‘camping is not permitted’ in the park.

Also, members of this committee say that the occupiers need to be evicted because of health concerns. Members of Congress say that they’re worried about the well-being of the occupiers because of the “rats” and “squalor” seen around the camp.

If I can recall, D.C. has always been infested with rats. And you want to talk about squalor? Just take a visit down to Southeast. I doubt any of these slimy politicians have the guts to visit Southeast without the Secret Service. They don’t care about squalor. They just don’t want to leave their offices while they make backdoor deals with K Street lobbyists and have to see the faces of the people they are affecting. With Occupy DC being positioned on the most corrupt street in the nation, a face has been put on the lives members of Congress are ruining. Occupy DC personifies the American spirit. Congress can’t have none of that.

Want Congress really wants to say is: Keep your rats, smelliness and filth away from where us upper class citizens stay. We don’t want to have to see your faces when we wake up and leave our offices everyday. Take that “squalor” down to Southeast where the blacks and homeless run rampant.

Issa and Gowdy have been grilling Park Service Director Jonathan Jarvis in recent hearings. In particular, Issa wants to know if politics had anything to do with Park Service police allowing occupiers to sleep in tents:

Really though? I love when politicians act like one side is dabbling in politics while their side isn’t. It’s politics! Everything is political. So let’s flip that question around and ask Issa if his politics have anything to do with worrying about an occupation in D.C. that has been, for the most part, peaceful. Do I even need to explain this any further?

After getting pressure from Congress, the local police put notices on occupiers’ tents letting them know that they would have to leave their tents open, remove all sleeping material and remove the food from their kitchen. Wow, what a way to care about the homeless and people’s well-being, huh?

These actions by Congress are all too familiar to Mayor Bloomberg and the treatment of protesters in Zuccotti Park. As soon as it turned cold, Bloomberg tried to freeze the protesters into submission by telling them any type of heater would be confiscated.


So now, Congress is trying to starve and sleep deprive the protesters of Occupy DC. As of Monday, occupiers had to adhere to the notices from the park police. Twelve o’clock came rolling around on Monday with media crews and bystanders everywhere. They were all expecting a violent riot, but the occupiers complied to the police’s requests.

Some occupiers said that they were being targeted by the police one by one, so the occupiers came up with an idea. They grabbed a huge piece of tarp and draped it over General McPherson’s statue. The tarp tore, but it worked out well as said by occupier. Plus, it kind of makes McPherson look like he’s wearing a huge kilt.

Protesters were chanting “let us sleep so we can dream!” One spokesperson got on the megaphone that night and shouted that the occupiers demand to be allowed to sleep so that they can dream for a better tomorrow for everyone.

Occupiers now call the tent “The Tent of Dreams.” They did this because this way, if they all huddle together under the tent, they couldn’t be picked off one by one.

The only skirmish between the police and Occupy DC was when a protester was tased for resisting arrest. I have to admit, Occupy DC could have handled themselves a lot better. Just because you haven’t been voilent doesn’t mean you aren’t obstructing justice. From what I heard, the protester was tampering with flyers, but even if he wasn’t, he shouldn’t have resisted arrest. And no, this is not a lawsuit…

Now, let’s be real. Are the occupiers in D.C. sleeping in tents? Yes. But why are Issa and Gowdy (whose jurisdictions are nowhere near D.C.) so obsessed with enforcing “no camping” laws? Because in this age of transparency of overt corruption, Issa can’t afford to have light shined on his cronies on the Hill—Especially the ones in the White House.

The relationship between cops and protesters in D.C. has been a respectful one and from what I’ve seen, they both want to keep it that way. Occupy DC will most likely avoid having the occupation turn out like the one in Oakland, but if Issa has anything to do with it, the protests will turn violent so that the smear campaign can continue.

Congress is going to do everything in their power to make sure the occupy movement is delegitamized. They hope that they can squash the movement all together. No time to hear the truth these days.

After watching some of the livefeed this week, it’s amazing to see these people still going at it. I applaud them. First they tried to build a makeshift home for the homeless, but that quickly got removed. Now they face eviction from bitter members of Congress and they still manage to find a way to stay in the square.

As I write this, some occupiers have been up since 10 am on Monday. They’re going on 40 hours without sleep. They invite people to join them this Friday and stand in solidarity. They need chaperones and people to watch over those that may be suffering from a lack of sleep. They want you to make a statement with them by joining their “No Sleep Slumber Party” where you stay up with them for a full 24 hours.

Check out Occupy DC’s page here.

And their livefeed can be followed here.

You can follow what’s going on with the occupiers as they continue their no sleep protest. Here is their Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/ODCSleeps

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