India and China Look to Trade Gold for Iranian Oil (A Rant)


This Iran and Israel nonsense just won’t go away. Everyday more information leaks onto the Internet and I begin to get a clearer picture of what is really happening. Unless you’ve been working for or consuming a daily dosage of corporate news the past 30 years, you too probably have a good idea of the issue at hand.

American mainstream media wants us to believe that Iran is going to nuke Israel (who owns hundreds of nukes). If Iran were to bomb Israel, Israel would wipe Iran off the face of the Earth and bathe their leaders in Iran’s oil. Iran has done some dumb stuff in the past, but I doubt they are stupid enough to go to war with blood thirsty nations like the US and Israel.

But of course, the US media would have you believe they are the evil ones and we have to get involved in their alleged nuclear weapon ambitions. With the help of the US, Palestinians are currently being killed in the name of some new-aged manifest destiny, holy war, revelations type shit. If Israel (with the backing of the US and its dangerous and radical Evangelical population) is willing pillage the homes of a group of people right next door, why wouldn’t they go through with their promise to take action against Iran?

The picture becomes much more clear when you see what’s going on behind the scenes. India and China have large reserves of gold and they’d like to keep it that way—especially for instances like now. India, second behind China in Iranian oil imports, spends $12 billion each year. According to Iranian sources, Iran exports 2.5 million barrels of oil to India and China. This accounts for over 40% of Iran’s yearly exports. What makes the US and UN establishment more pissed than ever is the fact that Iran is seriously looking into circumventing the dollar and being paid in pure gold. You don’t want to see America when its angry… And a good way to get us angry is to fuck with our God: the holy dollar.

With Israel, the UN and the US pushing to freeze the assets of Iran’s central bank and a deep desire to impose sanctions on Iranian oil, it’s easy to see what the US and the UN’s motives are. They want control of the resources (OIL!) that belong to another country. Why work for what you want when you can steal it?

That’s the America way.

And the American people are always behind you when it comes to starting a war with those weird-looking people of the Middle East who wear those funny things on their heads. So in actuality, this is a fairly easy decision for Obama and his cronies who have been handed down the torch from the Bush administration. Get that oil and smash whoever stands in your way. SMASH THE OPPOSITION!

Is it a coincidence that as we take out leaders in oil rich countries like Libya and Iraq, spark the overthrow of a dictator in Egypt (even though we were long allies before our sudden change of heart) and the applaud the people of Tunisia as they ousted President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, we just happen to see Iran as a threat? It’s just too easy…

In America’s mind, we must go to war with Iran. I mean, where do the Iranians get the idea that just because the oil comes from their country that they’re entitled to it? Do they not know who we are? And to not accept the dollar is to spit in the face of God. If you talk bad about God, we’re not going to let him judge you, we’re going to judge you. And that judgement involves lots of guns, tanks and drones. Let’s go to war with Iran, people—In the name of freedom, democracy, guns and Jesus.






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