What Happened to the Art of Reporting?

Freedom of the press

In 2011, over 40 journalists were killed by repressive governments and criminal syndicates who wanted to send a very clear message: You will not report on what is really going on or risk death.

These days, it is becoming increasingly more dangerous to report the news especially with social movements occurring on every continent.

The Earth is awakening.

People are fighting greed and deceit through social media and citizen journalism which have played a large role in enlightening the world.

Those who prey on the fearful and envelop our consciousness with lies and deceit know their time is running out. This is why they intimidate our gatekeepers and government watchdogs.

By now, it should be more than clear that the fight for freedom around the world is a constant battle. As soon as we become complacent with how far we’ve come, that is when the people who mislead lead us will take advantage of our sentiment.

America has enjoyed more freedom than the rest of the world, especially when it comes to the press. The press is very much a part of the fabric of this country. But recently, I’ve documented how our freedoms are being slowly taken away. Our freedoms are being strained in many directions.

Just in the past few months we’ve seen increased surveillance on citizens, the implementation of legislation that limits our right to information on the Internet and the police intimidation of journalists.

Journalists continue to be intimidated abroad too. In Mexico, cartels continue to kill journalists. Most often their families are the victims of crime. The people of Mexico deserve tremendous credit for pushing through despite the risks of reporting on cartel crime. Being a journalist is not as glamorous as many think it is.

In Gambia, a journalist was detained by the local authorities without being charged with any crime. He was held in jail and now has a court date. He has been charged with libel which is a criminal offense in Gambia.

While in America journalists aren’t being murdered, they’re still being intimidated. Just because our gatekeepers are not being killed does not mean their rights aren’t being taken away.

Now, this is more than an issue restricted to America. This is a worldwide phenomenon. This is why people around the world are fed up. They’re tired of being limited to the information their governments and corporate entities provide them.

There should be no middle man when it comes to information. Information has become a commodity and the governments around the world own the rights to it. Information repression is what crony capitalism, complacency, a culture of fear and faith without reason lead to when left unchecked for so long.


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