A Note on 2012

Eye of Sauron (Yes, I'm a DORK!)

As we’ve ushered into 2012, a lot of people are suddenly seeing themselves as truthers. But they are truthers on the surface only. The fear mongers are nothing but frauds. Sadly, I don’t think a lot of people have actually grasped the movement for what it truly is. Many people want to be a part of it because it’s quaint and makes them look “alternative.” But it’s much more than that. More importantly, it’s about letting the truth find you.

The movement for truthers is not something that started overnight. And it’s not something you can just up and choose to be a part of.

The search for the truth has been something that has been happening since our creation. Every person, every culture wants to know their origin, from the moment of inception. So if you think about the truth from that perspective, you can understand that you did not choose to search for the truth, it found you.

To put this into perspective for those still confused, think about what’s been occurring at Occupy Wall Street recently. From the police brutality to the suppression of the press, these actions are anything but novel. Everyone is aware of the Rodney King beating and the killing of Oscar Grant (who was shot in the back while in handcuffs).

Grant was brutally murdered by the same Oakland police department that shot Scott Olsen in the head with an unidentified object at close range. Olsen, by the way, is doing much better after having suffered a skull fracture and brain swelling.

Overt corruption has now become a mainstay of the modern police force. No longer is it about protecting, serving and being a member of the public. The police act as soldiers for the elite—Protecting them from the righteous wrath of the masses. Again, this is nothing new.

I do want to make a quick reminder to people who I don’t think all police officers are corrupt. I think it’s important to separate the individuals as police officers from the system of law enforcement in 2012. A lot of the time, the pressures of a job can make a person do things he or she wouldn’t normally do. With that said, the blatant corruption in law enforcement is wrong and won’t be tolerated. Their manic habits are being pulled into the light. 

The Internet censorship bills along with the NDAA have also caused an uproar. A much as we despise these policies, there have been a series of events leading up to this. Everything from the slow growth of the military industrial complex to dozens of proxy wars and the expansion of the executive branch under President George H.W (And this of course, is still being continued under President Obama). For whatever reason, this is the direction the country has decided to take.

The slow erosion of the rights of people and the push to treat corporations as people is also something that’s been happening for years. The fight for justice on behalf of individuals—not corporations—has also been a fight that has occurred for many years now. But now, the masses are seeing the light. 

That’s what this whole movement is about. It’s about the light, the truth, that nobody can escape from. Light, like the gods many religions worship, is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient. Light is everywhere and nowhere, all-powerful and all-knowing. Light shines on the tyrant in the highest altar to the most righteous peasant, unnoticed by society.

What I hoped to get across was the notion that we need to be patient. Change takes time, but the change many people are hoping for is not the change that’s best for everyone (You’ve heard all of the doomsday and anarchy prophecies). These things take time and these things are bigger than any and all of our lives. You can’t rush these things just as you can’t rush the growth of a tree (unless you’re in California and you grow medicinal cannabis. But that is really a weed, not a tree, but they do call them ‘trees’, forget it…).

The corruption and the ego of man has always been here. We’ve just recently rediscovered the technology that allows us to transmit information at the speed of light. Within this data is a code that spells out “your time is over” to the corrupt and the vile. And if we really want to get to the root of this phenomenon, the properties of light have given us the ability to sift through the darkness and illuminate the truth so that all may have a chance to be free.

The only thing that has changed is our ability to share our light with each other. I hope more of us take advantage of the opportunities that remain ahead.


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