The Farming Industry: Our Last Link to Humanity

The ancients always said “everything that glitters is not always gold.” Scientists say “for every action there is an equal or greater reaction.” The spiritualists and pragmatists alike are hinting at the way the mind, body and soul interact with the universe. The spiritualists call it karma, god. Scientists call it relativity, nature. Whatever you call it, you understand that there are laws to the world we experience.

Humans have always had a hard time adjusting to these rules because well, we’ve hard a difficult time controlling our emotions and minds. It seems as though in recent history there’s been this sort of entanglement of the mind, body and soul. The separate concepts have been forgotten as individual concepts, so we don’t even really realize they exist. We only believe in what we can perceive in the third dimension, with our five senses.

It didn’t always use to be like this. There was a time when our elders and teachers taught us of the relationship between these three separate, but connected entities. The body existed in the third dimension while the spirit existed in another dimension or realm. It’s the same realm people who are psychic, have a sixth sense and savants can see and tap into. It’s the realm that you know is there because of deja vus. Or when you dream about a person or place then encounter it not long after. It’s the realm you know is there because you followed your intuition and the universe gave you abundance.

We overindulge in harmful activities like drinking, smoking, eating high amounts of animal fats and dairy products. We avoid exercise. We go to church on Sundays but ignore the other six days of the week. We do these things because human nature, the body, mind and our emotions. But these actions we partake in are not productive to nurture a healthy soul.

These issues lead to what most concerns me: farming. Farmers are the last, natural relationship we have with the foods we consume. Farmers represent our last link the humanity and the dignity we have (well a lot don’t have) for living things.

American society has been hit hard by corrupt government and corporate collusion. The masses are working harder and getting paid less, therefore our lives have become more hectic. We hardly have free time. And this isn’t just an issue with America, but it’s a worldwide epidemic.

We eat out, go to fast food and consume lots of it. We want it fast, cheap and in large quantities. The consumers drive the industry so this is what the industry has been about for so long. But people are slowly waking up to the lie. Those that adopt the fast-paced, body-degrading lifestyle of the West have been linked to high levels of cancer (linked to consumption of fat, tobacco, alcohol and sedimentary lifestyles), depression, bi-polar disorder, ADHD, OCD, dissociative identity disorder (DID), hoarding, heart complications, mental disorders, autism (linked to A1 beta-casein milk, which is most of the milk we consume) and most importantly a loss of our connection to nature.

This loss of our spiritual purpose (which can be felt when spending time in nature) has led to the loss of our minds and bodies. It’s all connected. Every human wants to reach their true potential but society makes it difficult for that to occur because most of the jobs in this civilization are not spiritually or even mentally stimulating. We’re around a lot of grunt work and mentally draining relationships we have with superiors, subordinates, spouses, children, friends, parents, politicians, officials and enemies. For whatever reason, this is the society we’ve created and it’s not for the faint of heart.

This is why I try to bring light to issues concerning the environment, our last link to any semblance of humanity and spirituality. In recent times, there’s been this all out attack on farms, nature, the mind, body & spirit and our way of living.

There is hope because consumers realize this way of living is not sustainable. We are demanding our right to interact with nature without the interfernce of governments and corporations. Companies are fighting hard against the conscious movement of Occupy and similar movements (Not the Tea Party. It is a movement, but not a conscious one). Corporations and governments are being forced to comply with our demands of organic, healthy, earth friendly and animal friendly products and services.

I’ve talked a little bit about Monsanto and how their businesses practices are ruining the lives of tens of thousands of Indian farmers. Early last year, Organic farmers have filed a lawsuit against Monsanto in a last hope attempt to save the industry of naturalist farmers.

Public Patent Foundation Director Dan Ravicher said this is an article about the farmers’ lawsuit on May 30, 2011:

It seems quite perverse that an organic farmer contaminated by transgenic seed could be accused of patent infringement. But Monsanto has made such accusations before and is notorious for having sued hundreds of farmers for patent infringement.

How is this even happening without much of a fight from Western consumers? Corporations have taken over nature and now anyone that uses the land in natural ways can be sued for patent infringement. Who’s really doing the infringement? Monsanto and their contamination of nature without proper biosafety assessments or the farmers who have been doing what they’ve been doing for thousands of years?

In Gambia, the government is threatening journalists who report on the complaints of local farmers in what they call a Gambian official’s mismanagement of public resources. On Monday, an officer not in his police attire detained local journalist Momodou Jallow. Jallow said he was detained for five hours and told he was “inciting violence.” Local journalists said he has not been charged with anything, but police told Jallow he must return to the station next Monday. Gambian National Police Spokesman Yerro Mballow said Jallow will be taken to court and charged with one count of libel, a criminal offense.

The assault on freedom of speech and our right to be with nature continues, but it seems as though no one is paying attention.


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