Senate Passes S. 1867 in Closed-Door Committee Without Single Hearing

TSA groping (illustration)

The Defense Authorization Bill, S.1867, passed early December with a 93-7 vote (check link to see how your Senator voted). The bill was passed closed-door and without a single hearing. The bill will cost the taxpayer $662 billion. Another $17 billion has been allocated to defense programs, run by the Department of Energy (now the military industrial complex has infiltrated the department of energy in such a way?).

People always want to say that politics is dysfunctional and is supposed to be a slow process. Yeah, that’s when the legislation deals with helping anyone but special interest groups. When it comes to the military industrial complex, Congress always has the money and time for that. Look at how quick and effortlessly the Republicans and Democrats joined forces and got behind spying, detaining and torturing US citizens that they feel is a threat—for whatever reason.

The bill allows for a number of treasonous actions by our politicians. For starters, the bill allows for the President to detain suspected terrorists without any reason or due process. The bill also makes the head of the National Guard a member of the Chiefs of Staff under the right circumstances —meaning whenever Capital Hill feels like doing so.

The measure that makes me most uncomfortable is the one that applies strict sanctions on Iran because of Israel and the U.S.’s fears that Tehran is developing nuclear missiles (God forbid anyone have nuclear missiles other than the United States and Israel). This measure to the bill passed 100-0. And by the way, I always find it interesting that whatever is good for Israel is good for the world. And whatever is bad for them is bad for the entire world? I’m sorry, does Israel keep me safe as a U.S. citizen or endanger my country because of its elites’ massive egos? This disturbs me because I can’t believe we are trying to get into yet another war. It doesn’t stop.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) had this to say about Iran:

“Iran supports terrorist groups, arms the killers of American soldiers, lies about its nuclear program, violates its citizens’ basic rights and threatens Israel’s security.”

First these jokers tried to fool us with one false flag incident like the unlikely assassination attempt from Mansour Arbabsiar on the Saudi ambassador to the US. Arbabsiar was a guy who went by the nickname “Jack” because of his love of Jack Daniels. He was also a known pot-smoker and couldn’t keep his marriage together. His ex said he couldn’t remember things. And this was the guy that we should all be worried about? Puh-leeze…

Iran is so upset about this bogus conviction that President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad demanded an apology. If I was Ahmadinejad, I would be scared shitless right now. President Obama is a drone-flying, secret operation-leading, Chicago gangster. He doesn’t play around when it comes to eliminating brown leaders from Africa and the Middle East. I’m going to say it now, but by April 2012, President Ahmadinejad will probably be assassinated or imprisoned in a lawless, overseas detention, while being tickled with water flooding his nasal cavities because we all know waterboarding isn’t torture. All of this will be in the name of some fabricated humanitarian effort and the American people will eat it up like Hardees.

The new police state: TSA now roams our highways

Then we had the Republican debates that completely ignore the state of the economy (except Jon Huntsman and Ron Paul) and instead focus on the exaggerated threat from Iran. Not too long ago, I posted a tweet asking how long it would be before we invaded or attacked the other Ira- place. I said that as a joke and lo and behold, it’s reality. Like something straight out of a fiction novel.

There is some hope though. We had the Udall Amendment which was aimed at protecting “American values.” Most importantly it ordered for a Congressional review of any detention of power. How do you think that fared? Of course, it was voted down. Now all we have left is Obama’s veto of the bill. Don’t count on it though.

And down go America’s values.

It’s going to go down in 2012, for sure. But back to S. 1876. We’re done. lol. This bill really sucks because now we legitimately have to fear our government and what we say about it. For example, not too long ago, Civil Rights attorney and activist Barbara Arnwine of Maryland got her house raided by SWAT. She sat in her house at gunpoint for over three hours and she had no idea as to why she was being detained. Let’s be real, we all know why she was detained. Arnwine was intimidated by the state because of what she stands for and believes in.

The SWAT also told her the Fourth Amendment didn’t apply to her situation and questioned her professional qualifications. Hm, I wonder why the state didn’t think Arnwine was an educated lawyer who got her degree from Duke… Like I noted in the previous post. We have entered our rights of passage into the police state era.

With PIPA, SOPA, the Defense Authorization Act, TSAs now patrolling highways for safety, torture being scrapped as a dishonorable action and with police aiming guns at citizen journalists, there is no doubt in my mind what this country has become.

This is what an empire looks like when it’s falling apart. Welcome to the underground, where most of us move in silence as to not draw much attention from the overlords.

We’re probably in another double-dip recession, unemployment is still at a record high 16.2%, Europe is on the brink of collapsing, we’re cutting programs with surgical precision and spending ludicrous amounts of money on citizen surveillance. What’s next?

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