Mind Control (Part 2): Generation of Slaves

Anna Nicole out of her mind

In part one of Monarch Programming, I talked a little about Mariah Carey and Britney Spears and how they are most likely under the influence of some kind of mind control. Whether it be a form of mind control practiced by the Nazis on the Jews (MK Ultra) and adopted by the CIA after the end of World War II or Monarch Programming which is used by Hollywood and the entertainment industry, the techniques are very real.

Project MK Ultra was known as Operation Paperclip. This was a program from 1945 where the US was recruiting Nazi scientists who had been torturing people of all cultures and races. The Nazis were working on brainwash and torture techniques. To no one’s surprise, most of the Nazi scientists had been convicted of heinous acts for torture techniques in the Nuremberg Trials. No matter though, America would kill for this information.

MK Ultra was used in the 1950s and 60s. After CIA Director Richard Helms ordered all files of this program be deleted in 1973, the US Senate investigated this program. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) led to the release of over 20,000 documents on the program in 1977.

Member of the House like Ted Kennedy were wary of this program because of the prominent use and study of the technique in prominent colleges around the US (over 30). Studies were used on unsuspecting students and citizens. The subjects were usually unaware that they were being injected with certain drugs. The most common drug used by the CIA was LSD. These drugs were used to promote impulsiveness where the recipient of the programming would be discredited in public. Drugs and techniques were also used to make subjects forgetful, stuck in child-like states and when stressed enough, subjects would black out. For subjects like Anna Nicole, she would begin to lose her mind in a struggle for her freedom. The older she got, the worse it got, until she finally died from too much trauma.

Even with the outcry of a Congress that actually cared about the health of its citizens (don’t know if I can say the same about our Congress today), many believe that the CIA, entertainment industries and small and powerful cults still use these techniques for whatever purposes today.

The CIA probably had very good reason to use these techniques. They dealt (and continue to) with very dangerous and powerful players in the world’s politics. The entertainment industry uses mind control as a means to alter the public’s perception of what is right and wrong, normal and indecent, cool and uncool, and most importantly, they program us in many different ways.

One way they can program us is by using their slaves (i.e., musicians, sex kittens and actors) to influence our minds. They influence the general public by keeping them focused on low vibration frequencies, lyrics that focus on sex, violence, confusion and disunity and by taking my generation’s focus away from real issues. People in America and in my generation have a hard time focusing on the larger societal issues of obesity, out of control consumerism, zombie-like apathy, a deep recession, a degrading political system that can only agree that pizza is a vegetable and a changing, more extreme climate.

Paris Hilton. A sex kitten

The slaves that make the best candidates to deceive the public are ones that come from traumatic pasts, particularly females. Females are usually good candidates because when they experience trauma, they are able to compartmentalize the trauma where it becomes part of a different ego or multiple egos. Women have a higher pain tolerance (can be tortured with more ease) and most importantly they can better influence younger girls. I would argue that most programs are aimed at women to turn them into sex kittens. From Paris Hilton to Lindsay Lohan, they have been teaching young girls in our society to experiment with their sexuality. They teach our young girls to use their sexuality as a commodity to get what they want.

Eventually, these women grow up lonely, confused, used up and sometimes dead. I can’t tell you the amount of females I’ve met in my life who are sexualized to the point where it’s a little bit scary. Why are these women pushing their sexuality to the forefront, where most men will only know them for their sex and not for their personality? Well, this is what some want. For our women to be sexualized, to have little confidence and to be dependent on what others think of them. You don’t have to look any further than the sex kittens in the industry to see why women and men expect a certain image from each other. That image is reflected in our corrupt media.

The Illuminati and the powers around the world want our society to lose its culture, lose faith in religion and our spirituality. They don’t want us to know that we are spiritual beings with the ability to do amazing things. Awareness is one of the greatest gifts mankind was given, but the elite do not want us to know this. This is why our music, politics, movies, and media has all been corrupted. The media that we are surrounded by is different, it’s just a whole bunch of stations with slight variations. My cable consists of over 200 channels of reality TV shows.

It’s all garbage.

There has never been a better time to turn your TV off. The times are more dire than ever. We are losing our individuality for the group’s acceptance. It’s time we recognize our true potential as celestial beings and restore of connection to nature, the universe and God (whatever you believe God to be). We need people to speak up for the those without a voice; Those who don’t even know they’re under control of some bigger conspiracy.

Watch this video and this one for a deeper look into women as candidates for slavery, trauma, DID and Monarch Programming.



  1. Turn off your TV, avoid “strong” visual stunning films at the cinema, give up on horror and video and computer games, drink lots of water, remember you can trust no one, learn the signature symbols, cues, triggers and motifs of Monarch Programming, take as few risks as possible, and read these two links : (it is the Alice bits)
    and then, work in progress,
    Not that I might be wrong on any number of counts, but it will condense what is out there.

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