Rick Perry Looks To Cut the Crap on the Hill if Elected President

Texas Does it Big

Last Tuesday, Gov. Rick Perry (R-Tex.) took things into his own hands like most from Texas claim to do. After using his hands to metaphorically pull the answers out of his brain which is consistently in a fart when debating, Perry decided to try to save his presidential run. In a prepared speech, Perry said,

It is time to tear down the monuments to bureaucratic failure, and in their place build a smaller, more efficient federal government that puts the American People first.

Perry also called for a slash in federal employees’ benefits, an elimination of lifetime appointees and for elected officials to spend less time in their home districts and more time in Washington. This comes at a time when the majority of the country actually stands behind most of the issues in addition to cutting President Obama’s salary in half. Yea Perry is politicking, but if he’s on the side of the public on some rational issues, I can’t really complain.

Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) took offense to Perry’s plan to hold the federal government more accountable for their actions because well, this would affect Hoyer in drastic ways. Hoyer has been in politics since 1981 (That’s 30 years for you math majors out there) and is the definition of a career politician, the exact thing the forefathers of American warned against (even though ironically they were career politicians). And instead of Hoyer telling the American public and reporters why he stood against Perry’s proposals, he went on the offensive and embarked on a smear campaign. Hoyer responded,

Is this a serious proposal that he’s making for a country that has very high unemployment, whose budget deficit is larger than it’s ever been in history, and we have two wars that we’re confronting and trying to bring to conclusion? If this is what he thinks is pandering to the tea party, it is not, in my opinion, speaking to the issues that the American public feels are very, very critical to them – jobs being the number-one issue.

Yes, Steny, the deficit is as bad as it’s ever been and we do need jobs, but what are you and Democrats doing to really bring about change besides pushing for a modest jobs package that only affects less than 1% of us (that’s the amount of people who are in some division of the military). Is giving a tax break to companies who hire veterans really going to boost the economy? Of course not.

In the first place, veterans should NEVER struggle to find jobs when they return home from war. Second, jobs for veterans is not what the country needs to get out of this great recession. We need jobs in new and emerging industries. Everyone knows this. We need to put architects, journalists, scientists, astronomers, new energy personnel and Internet infrastructure builders to work. Most importantly we need new media jobs that reflect the growing influence of the Internet, not acts and legislation that are made to scale back the First Amendment like the Protect IP and SOPA acts.

Congressmen like Hoyer know what’s up. They’ve been in politics for decades and have been responsible for the crises we face today. Perry is right this time. If American teachers, firefighters, cops and others have to face cuts because of a tough economy, why are our politicians let off the hook? In any other profession, you are fired when you fail. Our politicians have failed this past decade, yet they continue to come to work everyday, are rarely fired for performance as long as they raise enough money, make $100,000 in one day, are exempt from insider trading and are worth millions by the time they retire. Until they are held to the same standards as the rest of the public, count on our problems to escalate.


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