A Message to My Family: Citizens of America and the World

First, I want to thank all that view my blog for giving me your attention. I know that in this crazy world of high taxes, lack of empathy, mean faces, scary climate changes, corrupt politicians and companies, vicious cops and lazy free-riders, it’s difficult to pay any attention to anything that doesn’t immediately benefit you. It’s difficult to pay attention to anything that doesn’t help your situation out immediately, but this is why I try to bring you pertinent information. Through enlightenment there is hope.

I try to bring you to the light and see things from my perspective. I want my fellow humans of the world to see that the conflicts and dark days that we face are no longer a result between of different cultures, countries and people of different hue. Even when the country was torn between races, we got more done as a nation… Today, it’s all about the haves and have-nots. Just take a look around you. Your neighbors are composed of people of different races, age groups, backgrounds and cultures, yet you ALL live in the same place and share the same struggle.

When politicians on the right and left of the spectrum are both being funded by the same corporations and special interests, it’s easy to see that the argument between conservatives and liberals is a front. Politicians, corporations and the elite make their real decisions behind closed doors and leave us with wedge issues. That way we can fight amongst ourselves while they steal the country and we undergo the biggest redistribution of wealth to the top 1% in American history. So Obama, a “liberal,” made a deal with pharmaceutical companies to make sure the public option wouldn’t be included in the health care deal. This would drive down costs of insurance. We can’t have that. Dubya, a “conservative,” pushed for home-owners, who couldn’t afford to pay their mortgages, to own homes in 2002. This helped kick-start the economic collapse of 2007. It’s not so bad for the rich, but of course, it sucks for the rest of us.

Both of these presidents are divisive because of what they stand for. Barack Obama, our first black president, scares the hell out of extremists in the South and on the right and Dubya, a military-happy and gun-toting conservative scared the hell out of extremists in the North and on the left. But let’s look at these presidents for who they really are. Let’s look at these presidents and understand who they are beyond the surface. One president stands for the poor while the other stand for the rich, but who is with the middle-class? Republicans want to tax the middle-class and poor and Democrats want to tax the rich. But even if taxes were increased on the rich, law-makers would still increase taxes on the middle-class by at least 8%, according to Daily Finance. Big surprise, the middle-class gets hit again, as if we can afford that on top of rising unemployment, a stagnant economy, rising gas prices and high levels of inflation. But this is how it’s done in America politics: Fight to protect the poor and rich for political gain, but leave out the middle-class who pays for most of the taxes, is the most politically active, and constantly gets screwed over.

I just want people to wake up and see that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party aren’t all that different. I liken the two movements to how the human body and mind works. One movement (the Tea Party) is the ego, focused on protecting the self (America). This movement sees the problem from within political and state boundaries, while the other movement (Occupy Wall Street) is focused on the soul, understanding the problem from a worldly scale. Both of these movements are important as is the ego and the heart when referring to the human body.

It’s time to wake up and understand what our politicians, banks and corporations are up to. What are they doing around the world and what effects do cheap food and commodities have on the labor system and the environment? It’s time to nip the problem in the bud or risk crashing together while we point the finger at that other person, like we still live in the 1960s.

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  1. A new, multipolar political system. The Ideology FOR People.
    The multipolar political system would put an end to ideological enmity and open a new, harmonious path of development of the society.

    Greetings from Russia!

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