America is Tired and Sick; Poor in Mind, Body and Spirit

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We are not free because we live in fear. In America, it is almost certain that whatever negative event happens to us, it will be responded to from a perspective of fear. When we act out of fear, we are unable to evaluate reality from an objective point of view. We are unable to see the truth for what it is when our first reaction to anything is fight or flight—We also see the world through the lens of hate. We may hate ourselves, fear others, dismiss our country, hate every country but ours or just be mad at everything because of our situation; This invites negative energy to say the least. But this is our situation. Nobody chose to be in this situation, but us. So we have the ability to change that situation instead of always projecting our unbalance outward. Reacting to and spreading fear will only lead to a world that will welcome our despair with gifts of pain and death.

The universe is always trying to reach a state of balance, so you best believe that if you flood the energy field with negative signals, it will find its way back to you. More importantly, if you upload and download negative signals or information, your computer’s health will be compromised and it will  be more susceptible to viruses. You can apply this metaphor to human beings and essentially America. We humans are machines just like a computer; Garbage in, garbage out. Is it a coincidence that even though we are a country of great wealth we are the most poor in terms of spiritual wealth? We are the most unhealthy, mentally unstable, unhappy, sick, overworked, undereducated, disease-ridden and unloved? I rarely believe in coincidences, I just see correlations and causation. Our pain is projected outward and instead of seeing our impact because of that frame of mind, we blame others for reacting to our negative energy bubble. We are incapable of looking within ourselves—Or maybe we are afraid of what we’ll see if we do.

If you view the world from a perspective of love and acceptance, that energy will return to you. I’ve seen it happen. You might not get what you want immediately, but the universe operates in ways beyond our conscience. It will welcome you with what you need if you seek it. This is not to say that there is no such thing as evil people and people won’t try to take advantage of you if you seek love, but welcoming love allows for you to see the world for what it is. If you don’t hope for the best, but prepare for the worst, you are living an unbalanced life and you’re not living from a perspective of love.

I said all of that to say this: Something happened to the American psyche and we no longer have the capacity to see the good in those who think or look different from us. Maybe because we are a trauma-based society, we have opened ourselves up to being taken advantage of. At one point in time, Americans fought through adversity and became stronger because of it. Now we use adversity as an excuse to give up and defend for whose life is more pitiful or unfair than the other’s. As the saying goes, a man who justifies his limitations surely makes them real. In other words, how you see the world will have an effect on how you participate in it. I don’t know if this mindset was pushed by our media or by our government, but at the end of the day, that really doesn’t matter because we bought what they sold us.

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It’s as if because we have differences, we have no similarities. In the past, our differences were much more noticeable, but we found ways to overcome those differences and work together towards an ultimate goal. Now our differences are less noticeable, yet we are more divided and polarized. I’m just ready for that pendulum to swing into the era of acceptance, love and conscience. Hm, seems like a long shot, but I have faith. After all, without faith, why do we keep on pushing?


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