Governments, Corporations, Banks and Wall Street: The New Faces of Organized Crime

Prison Industrial Complex fueled by The War On Drugs

More people are waking up by the moment. Louis Farrakhan put it in plain English: If we knew what our government’s real foreign policy was, we wouldn’t stand for it. Obama, the government, and the corporate owned media are so busy feeding us crap and telling us to fear the brown guy from Africa or the Middle-East, that they forget to tell us what’s really going on within our borders. Did you catch that? I said forget… If forget means to purposefully leave out and to deceive, then that’s what I meant.

Are we really that ignorant to believe that the world’s super power — where the top 1/5 of earners own more wealth than the bottom 4/5 and where the top 1% have seen their income grow by 275% while the middle-class has only seen a 40% increase — is not a part of any corruption that goes on in the world?

The banks and corporations have a way of keeping us in check. It’s a hidden tax that you may know as inflation. To be more specific, the dollar has experienced a 212.5% inflation increase since 1979 — the same period in which the richest 1% have seen their wages grow by 275%. So every dollar spent in 1979 is worth $3.13 today. Do you see what has happened? We have been taxed at unbelievable rates and are living a subpar standard of life, but the 1% have their heads above the water, barely…

Similarly, when we have fractional reserve policies pushed by the Federal Reserve where $90 billion is created from every $10 billion loaned from the Federal Reserve, inflation will continue to rise and we will be in perpetual debt. Debt is money and money is debt in this system. And it all comes out of thin air. The money was never there; This land was stolen to begin with. If there really was such a thing as debt, we’d be paying the slaves and Native Americans for what we did to them, not corporations and banks.

Are we really that ignorant to fear a “terrorist” organization called Al-Qaeda when only 68 American deaths are tied to terrorism per year, but 440,000 Americans die each year from cigarette related complications? As of 2011, the “War on Terror” costed us $1.4 trillion in total. Was all that money necessary to keep 70 people from dying a year due to terrorism? And $18.4 billion were allocated to fight a faux “War On Drugs” in 2000, yet $106,415 are lobbied by tobacco companies each day in Washington. One of deadliest drugs known to man is not only supported by our government, but billions of dollars are spent each year by these companies to buy our politicians; Our politicians are drug pushers.

We have our priorities mixed up in America. Stop looking for that brown person of African or Arab decent to be your enemy and look within your own country for the thieves. As a matter of fact, look inside yourself, because the true enemy is only a mirror away.


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