The Victim Mentality is Worthless

We are not separate from the universe we think is "out there." It is in us and we are in it.

If you don’t think we are a part of rapidly changing times, take a look around you for a second. These days, it seems as though there are hundreds of years of events happening within months.

We’ve elected a black leader for the first time in American history and the racism that has been covert for so long has come to the surface through Fox News, Glen Beck and their mindless, zombie-like followers. There have been destruction level events happening around the world in higher frequencies. The Japanese earthquake, tsunami and nuclear fallout, the Chilean and Haitian earthquakes, the Indonesian tsunami, the South American floods due to their unprecedented removal of the rainforest, the droughts that have slammed the southern states of America, the rain and snowfall that has crippled the northeastern states, the rivers and underground water supplies that are drying up in Africa, the poison being dumped into the atmosphere and our waterways, our inability to separate our feces from our drinking water (Burlington, MA), the complete disregard for sovereignty of other countries and financial terrorism being conducted by American factions, the masses that still blame Wall Street, the government, Bush, Obama and others for mistakes that have happened in their lives instead of looking within for strength…

All of these issues are plaguing this world. We have a world (Sadly, this is evident of America more than any other country) where everyone plays the victim card. Everyone believes that outside circumstances contribute to the outcome of their lives. But the truth is, the only thing that contributes to your well-being or despair is yourself. Have you ever sat down with someone and talked about the things that make you sad and it turns into a whose-life-is-worst-than-the-other’s contest? It’s a disgusting and soul draining activity to partake in and so is this victim mentality that we all partake in. If these kind of persons and conversations are so draining, imagine what we do to ourselves everyday we choose not to love ourselves, to not be easy on ourselves, to avoid opening ourselves up to the bountiful love the universe contains and to choose to be stuck in the victim mentality.

Nobody is a victim because we all have a choice. This is why education and knowledge is so important. We have these things called brains and we live in a time with endless opportunities, so what’s the excuse to not take a chance to embrace love and to try something new? Don’t waste your life in an environment that only breeds more hate and pain when you obviously have the opportunity to change that. You’re better than that. We all deserve better things and we all deserve to live our lives to their full potential. We have to stop holding ourselves back.

We have a choice not to participate in the bullshit and let it affect us. We also have a choice to remove ourselves from those that want to drain our energy. We don’t have to take it, but many of us choose to stay stagnant and don’t even realize it. We complain about the same things everyday as if we’re stuck, but we’re really just afraid to try something new and give up the world we’re used to. So many of us are so familiar with the chaos that we call it home. Even if it’s killing our soul and energy, we’d rather stick to what we know than take that risk and try something that is less familiar.

I find it amusing how in a country like America, we put so much energy into living out the victim mentality. With all the things that we’ve done to other countries and all the shit other countries go through, we are the last on the victim totem pole. We hate the government and corporations, we hate those that don’t look like us, we hate seeing the qualities of ourselves in those we view as being lesser than us. When we see a homeless person, we don’t hate them for who they are, we hate them because we see a bit of ourselves in that person since we are all one entity of the Earth, but we are experiencing life subjectively; We are the many faces of the Earth. We see that the homeless person could have been us and it’s much easier to turn our hatred outward than to look at the chaos that lives inside of us all. But that chaos doesn’t have to exist. We can choose to embrace it by understanding it’s just a part of life; If it wasn’t a part of life and nature, then the universe wouldn’t have allowed it to happen. The sooner we realize that the universe gives us what we are ready for, the sooner we can crawl out of the darkness.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone will have the strength to push on and unlock the love that we all have inside of us. Being able to do this has never been as important as it is now and will be in the future.

*Better Things by the all-time great Massive Attack:


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