Monarch Programming (Part 1)

The Checkered Floor Conspiracy

I’m sure a lot of people will think I’m crazy, a conspiracy theorist or just plain stupid when I discuss topics like Monarch Programming, i.e., mind control. Well, if you haven’t been able to tell by now, I am a bit of a conspiricist. I want to wake up the masses so that we may conspire against those that conspire against us daily.

Like Bob Marley said, there are people conspiring everyday to make this world a darker place. They want races to fight amongst themselves, countries to continue to wage wars, the gap between the poor and rich to be high and most importantly, they want our media figures to be sex slaves, drug dealers, money addicts, fame whores and bad examples for the children that are glued to the radio and tube. It’s easy to get mad at the Paris Hiltons, Lindsay Lohans, Anna Nicoles and Britney Spearses, but I would ask you to withhold that judgement until you finish reading the next few posts I write about the controversial ritual of Monarch Programming.

Have you ever thought to yourself why we don’t have anymore Bob Marley-, Michael Jackson-, or Tupac-like figures? If you noticed, these were all black celebrities that I named and this was not done by accident. To be a successful black person in Hollywood and to make it within the music industry is extremely difficult, that is unless you sell your soul.

Mariah Carey, a mixed woman, used to have dark, long, curly and natural hair and she sang with soul. Now she looks like a Barbie doll and sings about how insatiable her desire for sex is. This is not the same woman that used to sing “Emotions” and “Vision of Love.” This is partly because she was married to CEO of Sony Music Entertainment Tommy Mottola. She fell from that relationship hard and referred to Tommy as the Devil according to Michael Jackson (who also had a shaky relationship with the executive after Tommy allegedly tried to gain ownership of a majority of Michael’s musical repertoire). According to Michael, she came crying to him, saying that he did evil things to her. This happened a few years before she came crying to Michael about the things Tommy and the record labels did to her: 

Of course, these public breakdowns are not limited to black celebrities, but I was just harping on how crazy many black celebrities go when they are in the spotlight for too long. But it’s not as simple as that. And if you ask me (even if you don’t ask me I’m going to tell you), these breakdowns are not simply side-effects of being in the public for too long. These breakdown are linked to something much more sinister.

If that video of Mariah doesn’t strike a nerve, take a look at how Britney Spears reacted during an interview with Diane Sawyer: 

Um… I don’t know about you, but that is some freaky, Children of the Corn type of stuff! Who was Britney talking to? From what it looked like, Britney was talking between two people. As if she had Dissociative Identity Disorder or Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD). Actually, DID is something she is more than likely suffering from as sources close to her have reported. DID to this day is surrounded in controversy as many in the medical field would rather say that these people are yearning for attention, so they act out. But why would Britney need attention? She is Britney Spears. If anything she would want less attention, not more, right?

DID is usually a symptom of overwhelming stress, traumatic antecedents, insufficient childhood nurturing, and/or an innate ability to dissociate memories or experiences from the immediate conscience. In other words, something so traumatic usually happens in this person’s past (or present) causing them to try their best to dissociate whatever horrors happened to them. DID is a cry for help more often than not. If they cannot remove these uncomfortable experiences from their consciense, they usually develop alternate personalities as a way to cope with the trauma. That way, the memories are not tied to the immediate conscience but they are tied to the individual egos.

Interesting, huh? Let’s take a look into Britney’s past for a second. But before I get into her past, I want to say that psychological traits are usually passed down through the bloodline. For instance, a person’s ability to dissociate trauma is genetic. These findings are what the CIA talked about after they saw the Nazis performing mind control techniques on the Jews (scroll down to the MKULTRA section), pushing the Jews through excruciating pain to better understand the huma’s pain threshold (Of course, the CIA later implemented these findings into their own studies through the 80s. Who knows if they’ve really stopped doing this, as they claim). The higher a person’s pain threshold, the better the candidate for control and women are the best candidates. This is why the majority of these slaves are women. To reiterate, dissociation, pain thresholds and abuse patterns run in the family.

Now, the Spears family has a history of abuse allegations. Britney was sued by her bodyguard after allegedly prancing around the house naked in front of her sons and the bodyguard, singing and cussing at them. She also allegedly refused to take her two sons to the emergency room after they ingested crab meat which they were deathly allergic to. When it comes to her father, he has been accused of sexually molesting her and forcing her to perform songs of a sexual nature at a young age. These allegations come from what seems to be a very sure Courtney Love.

If you couldn’t tell by now, Britney Spears is more than likely a victim of Monarch Programming and a much bigger conspiracy behind the music industry. I will go further into other celebrities like Anna Nicole, Lindsay Lohan, Michael Jackson and more importantly I will finish discussing what the powers may be doing to keep Britney, her family and us under their control.

To be continued…

*In the meantime enjoy this enlightening video from a smart guy I found on Youtube


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