Wait, Did I Say That About ‘Occupy Wall Street’?


See, politicians were allowed to get away with flip-flopping when we didn’t have the Internet and ways to hold them accountable for their lies. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t even called flip-flopping, it was called being a politician. Politicians have and always will be beholden to polls, money and votes. That’s all that matters. If the polls are favorable, if the money is good and the votes are coming in, you won’t find a politicians too far behind.

If my memory serves me correct, presidential hopefuls Herman Cain, Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum made sure to delegitimize the Occupy Wall Street Movement; These people can’t be taken seriously, can they?

At first, Santorum called the Occupy movement a bunch of hippies that have been protesting since Vietnam. Herman Cain told people not to get mad at Wall Street and crony capitalism, but be mad at yourselves for losing your house and your job (even though there is more than enough evidence documenting the intentional housing fraud by the banking system). Lastly, Mitt Romney said that Americans shouldn’t focus their anger at Wall Street because Wall Street is connected to Main Street, as if Wall Street has been looking out for anything but their own greed over the last 2-3 decades.

Now that polls show the majority of Americans support the Occupy Wall Street protests, these politicians have had to walk back their remarks. Now it seems like they understand where they are coming from and they are against corporate welfare and crony capitalism. The fact that these politicians understand what these terms mean, but choose to not do something about this problem tells me that they take Americans for dumb. And the blatant disregard for the polls show just how disconnected these politicians are from everyday, blue-collar, business-owning, middle-class Americans.

The jobs bill that will “fix” our infrastructure or a 9-9-9 tax code is not going to fix the current problem. These are just wedge issues made to rouse public emotion, but they aren’t meant to do anything but get people to the voting booths next November. The only infrastructure that needs fixing is that of the current system of capitalism and politics because it is as rotten as it’s been. Until we put people to work in fixing the roads to prosperity and making sure all Americans have an equal opportunity to succeed or fail, the problem will continue at an exponential rate.

The critics have had a field day with the Occupy events. They call it unorganized, smelly, full of anarchists, etc. I know one thing, these dirty vermin have caught the attention of the world and its corrupt politicians. They are now realizing that not everyone is as stupid as they thought. They know their time is running out and their window of personal success at the expense of others is closing. Though it may not be obvious, people can smell the fear in their breath. Time to let the sharks loose.

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