I’m Not Turning a Blind Eye, I’m Just Not Participating Anymore


I’ve been going back and forth between being actively involved in the political process and not giving a damn. For a few years, I was actively involved in politics. I voted, I watched bills as they passed through the House and were then crushed by the Senate. I watched as Congress spent all of their energy filibustering any real change instead of just voting on an issue. I watched as president after president convinced me that they weren’t like the ones before them, but they would be different “this time.” I watched as 9/11 first responders were an afterthought after President Bush and then Mayor Giuliani told them it was okay to breathe the air at Ground Zero even though most people in New York knew the Twin Towers were an asbestos minefield.

My final straw was seeing the president and Congress point their fingers at each other and stall and real progress for… well… political reasons. The mortgage fraud in this country is apparent, but Congress and the president are too worried about kicking the can and fighting for or against the new health care system. People are losing their homes, children are becoming fatter and sicker, the health industries and Pharma are still making profits by making sure we don’t find cures, but that we keep people sick enough to fork over their life savings. Our elders face the possibility of having their benefits cuts, immigrants are treated like vermin in the South where the government is now threatening to cut off water to anyone who may “harbor” illegals. Governors in the Southwest are spreading lies and convincing their fearful voters that immigrants are the real reason the country is in the mess it’s in. And lastly, our government is pushing to keep us dependent on oil and nuclear energy as if we don’t remember what happened in Japan and the Gulf of Mexico.

Now I do what I can to change the way I think about the world. I do what I can to grow continuously. There are people who are going to fight and resist the changes that is coming; These people will always exist. But I’ve come to realize that change is coming whether or not we participate. I’d rather spend my energy on more productive things like cleaning up the physical and metaphorical residue I’ve left behind, but I respect those that actively protest against the injustices that occur in this death life. Today, I’m more willing to change my life for the better, assist the less fortunate and let others learn through my mistakes and good-will.

To be living in these times is a blessing and my life is not exempt from that. Spending time appreciating what I have, giving thanks and enjoying the bountiful love from universe is what I would like will spend the rest of my days on this Earth doing. It’s my intuition, meaning I can’t quite put a finger on why I choose to follow this path. All I know is that I choose to do this.

So again, I choose not to participate in this mess we’re in not because the world is too much for me to handle, but because I recognize the web of lies we’ve all woven to create this reality and I choose to not be a part of that way of living. This is a lot different from choosing not to participate in something because of being too afraid to see the truth. I have paid attention, I intend to follow a different path, I will follow a different path (i.e., my integrity) and this will help me get in touch with my intuition.

*This post is dedicated to Ian Xel Lungold (1949-2005). RIP.

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