A Week Passes and Occupy DC Transforms into a Real Occupation

I have attached a slideshow of the people and events at Occupy DC and K Street. They are occupying McPherson Park (K Street and I) in the nation’s capital together. Just down the street, Stop The Machine is gathering at Freedom Plaza. Both entities know of each other’s presence, but for the most part have been separate. The Stop The Machine group is composed of people from the Wisconsin union protests, Occupy Wall Street in NYC and people from all around the country. Occupy DC & K Street is mostly composed of locals from the D.C., Maryland and Virginia metropolitan area.

Just last week there were less than 100 people scattered in the park without any real tents or stations. There were some sleeping bags and about two tarp coverings. It was disorganized and seemed more like a gathering than an occupation. A week later and it looks like a tent city; A complete 180. The park is now equipped with a kitchen, a medical area, a library, a media center, sleeping & sanitation areas and a place where entertainment can be enjoyed. To say the least, it is organized.

I was shocked to see the speed in which people could come together to create a self-sufficient community (for the most part). It had the feeling of a festival or agricultural fair that we are used to during the summer.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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