Fruitful Fridays: Fighting the Disease of the Mind

I just got through watching the documentary “Forks Over Knives.” This documentary should be played in every school and every home. The only reason this documentary has not caught on quicker to the public is because of the corporatization and politicization of everything. But with this new rise in the Universe’s vibrations and higher conscience levels, we will soon be on to a path of healthy, sustainable living together.

This movie is about the Western culture’s sickness. And I’m not talking about of the body, but of the mind and spirit, which ultimately leads to the degradation of our physical bodies. For years, we’ve been taught about the food pyramid and the inclusion of dairy, meats, proteins and eggs in our diets. I mean, I’m only 24, and the food pyramid has almost made a complete 180 turn since I was in high school (which was only six years ago!). Today, it’s not even called the food pyramid, but “My Plate.” It’s a plate now because we have to teach our kids about portion sizes. I mean, how is it that 1 in 4 children will develop diabetes and a good chunk of elementary school children have hypertension? Hypertension was an old person’s disease, but not anymore.

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Our kids are dying and so are the populations across the world that are adapting to a more westernized way of eating; This includes eating animal fats, dairy products, oils and processed foods.

The world has been inundated with corporate influence to the point where we’ve hit rock bottom. Corporations have taken over the National Academy of Sciences Lobby Research Council. Now more than ever, more corporate heads sit at the board of directors table in this council. And their job is not to actually tell us the truth about how to eat, but to privatize nutrition so that it can be bought and sold on Wall Street. I mean, why else would they have fired highly esteemed Cornell Professor Dr. Colin Campbell without “reason” when he started teaching students to eat right and eliminate as much animal fat from their diet as possible? It’s because he upset the corporate heads of these Ivy League schools that run the show. It’s not about education. It’s about the money, Lebowski.

The meat industry needs us to keep buying into the lie so we can keep pumping money into the machine. If the population actually catches on to what Dr. Campbell is teaching, then people will stop consuming the very things that are killing them. This would crush the food, health care and drug industries (which make lots of money off keeping you sick) that keep their hands in the pockets of every politician on the Hill.

What Dr. Campbell and other researchers around the world have shown is that the more plant-based and whole food oriented your diet is, the less susceptible you will become to develop diseases and cancer. You can even be cured from cancer from just eating plants! That’s right, no medicine, no prescriptions, no bull; Just that stuff that Mother Earth blessed us with.

And to all those men who think eating plants is for softies and weaklings, Ultimate Fighter Mac Danzig is a vegetarian. He doesn’t even eat fish and chicken anymore. I want someone to tell that guys he’s soft without getting punched in the throat.

Moral of the story: Eat more veggies or get punched in the throat by this guy.

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