Change Starts From Within

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Let me first start off by saying how grateful I am to be a part of this generation and life. I am content even though I want to be further. Things are tough for a lot of people. People can’t find jobs, we barely have enough money at the end of each month, natural and man-made disasters are killing people we love and greed is more prominent than ever. But we are entering a turning point.

Look at it this way, with the birth of anything, you must first experience death. Just look at how women give birth. In nature, the mother usually dies after she gives birth — like the octopus. She sacrifices her life so that her children can live.

Humans are very similar. Before we had hospitals and modern medicine women were dying all the time giving birth. Think about it; If you were alien to the way the world operated, you would think that someone was dying if you witnessed childbirth. But that’s what it takes in order for a new life to come into existence. What we are experiencing now are the pains of birthing ourselves, our thinking and our communities into a new existence. So this is why I don’t worry. I don’t worry because something better will come out of the pain we are experiencing. Every moment that time passes, there can be found a blessing.

We have to start looking out for ourselves and stop feeding the machine. If you’ve seen the movie The Matrix, you know exactly what I mean. The only reason the system works so well is because we buy into it. This system we live in is counting on us to wake up every morning, drive our gasoline powered cars for an hour to get to work all while having somebody jump into our lane leading to a quick exchange of road rage. Then when we get to work (if we haven’t eaten), the system wants us to go out to eat for lunch and drive our gasoline-powered cars yet again. The system wants us to ignore the hundreds of faces we pass each day and neglect each other. Don’t say “Hi,” don’t acknowledge your fellow human being, but instead wake up, kiss the wife and children goodbye, work to death and give all of your hard-earned money back to the less than one percent each week, return home, consume all you can on holidays to make up for the lack of time you’ve actually spent with your loved ones, risk your health in order to barely get by and then do it all again next year.

We are electricity; We are power. We literally need to direct our power in more useful ways. We need to stop consuming endlessly and wastefully. We need to start protecting each other, loving each other and understanding where each person comes from. We need to start equipping our homes with renewable, efficient and cost-saving technologies. No this technology is not just for hippies. This technology should be supported by even the manliest of men. If you enjoy having more money in your pockets at the end of each week then renewable energy is the way to go.

The future that lays in front of us is one that seems uncertain now, but when is life ever certain? Today is here, and tomorrow has not come yet. Give thanks, choose to grow each day, acknowledge the people around you and stop being a slave. Thanks for reading this post and stay blessed. Godspeed.


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