Occupy Boston Raided in the Late Hours of the Night, Avoiding Media Attention

Credit to OccupyBoston.com

What happened last night around 2:00 a.m. Eastern Time should send chills down some people’s backs. It should also wake up the Occupy movement to what may be something very sinister.

In early hours of the morning, the Boston Police Department gave protesters a five-minute warning to clear from Dewey Square because of “unlawful assembly.” Shortly after their warning, the Boston Police Department raided the Occupy Boston event with military equipment, riot gear, large wooden billy clubs, and two large dump trucks. Tents and lawn chairs were said to have been destroyed and thrown into the dump trucks later in the night. Insiders at the protest said their second camp site was completely destroyed. As protesters joined hands, they were arrested in large numbers. According to the Boston Globe, over 100 were arrested that night (the images from the raid can be seen here).

Here are some additional images from John Atwater, a reporter for the local Boston news station WCVB-TV. His Twitter account can be found at https://twitter.com/#!/AtwaterWCVB.

Credit to John Atwater of WCVB-TV

Here is a video from a Lauren Metter that was posted to Youtube last night. In the video you can see the Boston Police Department moving in on war veterans. You can also hear people screaming at the police “Have you fought in war?!” and “You are cowards!” It was posted by Evan Fleischer last night on his blog site. His Twitter account can be found at https://twitter.com/#!/efleischer. He follows the protests closely and was blogging throughout the day, yesterday, when the raids happened. For more information, follow his blog.

More photos of the raid can be seen on Safe Sounds’ Flickr account.

Occupiers need to be aware of their rights, have lawyers on hand and be respectful of the laws in each and every city. But if the protesters are following the laws, cops need to be respectful of that too. They need to give fair warning, clear instructions and let the people know what laws are being broken. If the cops don’t do this, the protesters have every right to stand in solidarity without fear from intimidation tactics.

From the bit of coverage that I’ve done, this seemed like a coordinated attack. There were rumors of the same thing happening at occupy events in Seattle, San Francisco, Atlanta and Dallas. Watching the live feed of Occupy St. Louis last night, leaders were saying that the cops asked them politely to move from the plaza to the sidewalks. They did so. But then the cop came back and said that the protesters would be safe that night from arrests, but he couldn’t promise that would be the case the next day.

Today, the protesters at K Street in D.C. tweeted “#OccupyDC cop level: extremely high” and posted this video.

This looks like a coordinated attack on the protests happening around the country. Be on the lookout for misinformation from authority figures because from what I witnessed, the Boston Police Department gave a warning to the occupiers that was not realistic. A five-minute warning is not enough time to get your belongings and move elsewhere, especially when you are camped. Let’s see what the future holds.

And beware of this jackass.


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