Why Americans Are Fed Up

Credit to Dave Chappelle

This post is less about what can be supported and proven with timely news evidence and more about how I see the world from my narrow and young perspective. Some things cannot be supported by what other people report on, so this is why I blog.

For starters our leaders are useless. We have our politicians professional swindlers of this country telling us “Everything is going to be okay, but in the meantime, hang in there and oh yea, be afraid of another terrorist attack.” You see, like George Carlin said, the system has us “by the balls.”

I’m tired of being afraid and hoping for the better when I know what these devils are up to. I mean damn, look at what they are telling us after the alleged killing of “terrorist” Anwar al-Awlaki (I mean are Muslims and brown people the only terrorists worth fighting today?). Now international flyers have to beware of retaliation. They want us to stay scared so they can pass legislature that take away our rights, e.g., Patriot Act and Citizens United, and redistribute our money and opportunities to the richest few.

We are mad because people like my mother are struggling to make ends meet. Yea she has a nice TV and a nice car, but she’s single and the price of everything is going up because of inflation. My mother barely has leftover cash after a month’s pay like she used to—And she just finished paying off her car note which should have put at least $500 in her checking account. So why is she being stretched?

Her car and home insurance has gone up without her even being warned by the companies. The insurance companies added another payment to her existing bill because of the recent influx in hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other natural man-made disasters that recently occurred on the East Coast.

Let’s not forget this silly game we play every time we pass a gas station hoping the price goes down like crackheads addicted to gasoline. Gas prices continue to rise and people are rebelling. People are starting to stay at home and partake in activities that doesn’t involve driving. People are even beginning to find alternative ways of transportation like carpooling, subway transit, busing and biking. I used to bike as a graduate student at Oklahoma University and let me tell you, it saved me a lot of money and stress.

Our soldiers who risk their lives in wars should come back home with jobs waiting for them, but this too is not the case. The U.S. also lacks proper medical services for the increasing amount of soldiers returning home addicted to narcotics and suffering from PTSD & depression.

People like me who worked their asses off and graduated from universities are struggling to find anyone who is hiring (don’t get me started on the journalism profession). We worked our tails off, played by the rules and did what we were told. And how does the system reward us? They play politics, hoard money and increase barriers to entry. It’s really quite depressing to see the people I grew up with be left without an opportunity to live the American Nightmare Dream (Yea I’m enjoying that “crossing-out” feature way too much) because of a country that lost sight of what made it great: Freedom, i.e., equal opportunity to succeed and fail. Now most of us are just destined for failure.

And who can forget the 9/11 first-responders who barely have health insurance to cover their blackened lungs and compromised respiratory system after the government told them it was safe to breathe at Ground Zero? And the Congress that refused to pass a bill that would have supported health care coverage for them? Meanwhile, Congress is busy constantly shoving 9/11 horror stories down our throats and reminding us everyday what those terrorists did so they can get us to chalk up a few bucks to support their campaigns… erhh emmm… Bernie Sanders. Need I say any more about OUR American politicians?

And last but not least, we have our American businesses. Forget all the crazy rhetoric for a second because there are a lot of small and large corporations that do stand for good causes like Bill & Melinda Gates’ foundation and Target’s support of local schools. But it’s always the few and most powerful businesses that dirty the water for everyone else.

Is business in America hurting? Yes, and some of it is because the “uncertain” business environment and because we are entering a new era of trading. Advertising and business strategies have had to change how they do things because of the Internet. If you don’t believe me, ask Blockbuster’s and Borders’ CEO how things are going for them. But what is really devastating the business environment? It is the fact that there is no business. The customers and consumers don’t have the money to demand anymore. Yea, business have been hit hard by this “recession,” but middle-class families are hurting a lot more. And the thing that should break all of our hearts is the fact that 1 in 5 children in America are impoverished. Children are more likely to be poor in America than any other segment of the population. Wut up wit dat?

Like Mayor Bloomberg said, if we don’t change things for this younger generation fast, they will take to the streets like in Egypt and other places across the pond. I believe the repercussions of this generation being poor and jobless will take down this empire if Goldman Sachs doesn’t do it first. We got news for you Mayor, it’s already happened. And what do they do instead of fixing the problem? They beat us and arrest us for being angry.

We are experiencing the biggest redistribution of wealth and opportunity since Africans were stolen from their homes and forced into servitude on the same land we walk on everyday. Welcome to America 2011.


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  1. I blame everything on the “politicians” these days. It’s hard to even call them that because they don’t really take part in politics anymore. They just pretend to until reelection time, pass a bunch of crap bills, do what it takes to get reelected, and then repeat the process all over again.

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