Rise in Outbreaks Comes at Time When Congress Cuts Tens of Millions From USDA and FDA

Credit: http://burlington.patch.com

This recent outbreak of Listeria from tainted cantaloupe just goes to show you how little politicians care about our health. These past years of American austerity have helped us to understand the lengths those in Washington will go to sacrifice the overall health of the public in order to assure they are reelected, paid hefty campaign contributions and coddled by the world’s elite.

According to reports by the Center for Disease Control, as many as 16 have died from contaminated cantaloupe from a farm Jensen Farms in Holly, Colo. Seventy-two people have been sickened by the outbreak. These numbers make this outbreak the deadliest one in the U.S. in over a decade. Deaths have been reported in the states of Kan., Mo. Neb., Texas, Colo. N.M. Okla., and Md. The contaminated batch of cantaloupe have been shipped to over 25 states. Officials highly recommend avoiding consuming any cantaloupe until further testing of nation-wide cantaloupe.

Recently four children became sick when ingesting meat in Butler County, Ohio. This has caused Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. to recall over 131,000 pounds of ground beef. Also, a federal judge ruled a Michigan farm violated federal safety standards because of cows with illegal levels of antibiotics. Ingesting foods with high levels of antibiotics comes at a high price. Ingesting meat with high levels of antibiotics is a risk because infections are fought with antibiotics. Consumption of antibiotics in food can lead to diseases being drug-resistant in humans like the tuberculosis epidemic in Europe. Thousands are expected to die unless something is done fast. Luckily, scientists are on top of this with the rediscovery of a 59-million-yea-old potent antibiotic, but will they react in time to save lives?

Lastly, an outbreak of E. coli hit the town of Burlington, Massachusetts. However, the E. coli was not in meat supplies, but the town’s water.

This all comes at a time when the “leaders” of America want to continue to cut resources the public depends on for safety. In addition to the war against the EPA, Congress wants to cut $87 million from the Food and Drug Administration and $35 million from the United States Department of Agriculture’s food safety and inspection services.

If this continues, what will we be left with? Nobody will want to shop at corporate stores anymore because they won’t feel safe. People are already going the organic route these days. It always baffles me how politicians and corporations get so greedy for short-term profits that they fight hard against regulations and take short cuts. They even pay tens of millions in lobbying dollars to prevent any new regulations. But in the long-term, they often pay billions in damages when their lack of oversight ends up having a real impact on the world like the BP Oil Spill, disease outbreaks and asthma-related deaths because of smog and increased red alert days during the summer.

There’s so little room for logic and reason today.


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