Duane Buck: Guilty Of Being Black

Credit to HowStuffWorks.com (2001)

Join me as we journey back to the Dark Ages and promote the indiscriminate killing of others, cheer like barbarians when so-called leaders brag about the number of humans they’ve killed since being elected and where we kill people to make money for the state. Oh wait… This is 2011 in America, the land of the free unless of course you’re a black man who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time: Texas.

Meet Duane Buck, a black male who may be one of the unluckiest persons in America. He was found guilty of murdering his girlfriend back in 1997. He is to be executed soon, but the Supreme Court has since stepped in to stay his execution until further notice. But what makes this case so scary for black males in America is that is shows the increased likelihood we might be found guilty of any crime and sentenced to death– just because we’re black. In Buck’s case, his own lawyers brought “psychologist” Walter Quijano before a Texas jury and he said that Buck was more likely to repeat violent offenses because of his color. Walter used the term “future dangerousness.” In Texas, whether or not you should be sentenced to death is based on how likely you are to be a repeat, violent offender.

In 2000, Buck ‘s case was one of six cases found to be tainted by Quijano’s testimony by then Texas Attorney General John Cornyn. The other five were still sentenced to death so this doesn’t leave a lot of hope for Buck.

To be clear however, I am not here to make the case for or against Buck. I was not a part of the jury and do not know the details of the case (from what I’ve heard he is guilty of killing his sister and girlfriend). Also, what is to be understood is that he should be in jail. But should he be sentenced to death for being black?

I do know that everyone deserves a fair trial in America. Under our system, we are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty. If we ignore the rules of the justice system like we did in Buck’s case, who’s to say this won’t happen to you? Like many people know, this country still deals with its haunting past of slavery, xenophobia and racism. People will object to my view by saying I’m the true racist and if you ignore racism, it won’t affect you. Well these people obviously don’t know what it means to be black in America (or a minority for that matter).

Since last year, violent crimes have gone down 13%, but don’t let facts affect the way you live your life. What’s important is that you make money and unknowingly fuel a racist system whose goals are to imprison Hispanics and blacks and make a lot of money while doing so. Keep watching football, keeping buying useless stuff, but by any means, never think about how your actions fuel the system. It’s important not to question the system because there is no way that the system may turn on you.

Equal opportunity is a joke. The system is made for certain people to fail— this is why education is so important, but then again look at the statistics to get a better understanding of who gets the better education in America. I’ll give you a hint, it’s not the poor or brown…

While people’s heads explode over affirmative action (which women enjoy just as much as minorities), we’ve got a prison industrial complex that puts more cameras and police in black neighborhoods and seeks-out misguided black males to fill their prison cells and the pockets of the men behind this deceit.


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