It’s Your Life, Do It At Your Own Pace

I’m sure people are thinking that my recent posts are negative, cynical and almost apathetic in nature and I don’t disagree. So I’m going to make this post a more positive one because to me life is about balance. No matter what happens to us, it’s never the event that makes us feel a certain way—the universe is neutral. It is our interpretation of that event that makes us feel the way we want. In other words, we control how we feel, so I want to feel good about life, for now.

Not to be narcissistic and emo (but I’ll be it for a little bit), but there are times when I feel like I just can’t win. It’s difficult to come out of college after working your tail off and not to find a job right away. It’s tough to come out of college and not have people competing for your skills which is how it should be. But with the current recession, blatant disregard by our politicians for this generation and with the journalism field going through a major transition that involves laying thousands of workers off, things can look gloomy at times. As the cliché goes though, with a crisis comes opportunity. When the Great Depression occurred, President Roosevelt used the opportunity to push for the Great Deal (depending on your political standpoint that could be a positive or a negative), when 9/11 happened New Yorkers came together and focused their energy on helping each other and the Civil War—though horrible— helped to give a previously ignored segment of the population the opportunity to be seen as equal and more importantly, human.

I may not have my own place, my own job or be totally independent, but I have resources and technologies around me that assist me in staying busy and that will lay the groundwork for my future business and career. I still keep in contact with my friends and colleagues at The Oklahoman and Oklahoma University. They’ve given me more opportunities to succeed than I could have imagined. Because of these people I was able to update my resume with relevant multimedia and managerial experience. I have connections with ABC News, I am now a part of an online freelance and publication website (so I am a freelance journalist!), and I got to be an editor for a week for my local multimedia website: AOL’s North Potomac-Darnestown Patch!

It’s easy to look around at people who are younger than you and who you perceive to be doing better than you, but everyone’s life is relative. Also, like I noted before, life has a balance to it. For every person that is younger than you and allegedly doing more, there is a person that you are younger than and more well-off than. Just keep that in mind. Sometimes we feel like we’re not moving fast enough in life, but someone needs to tell us “chill.” We have to slow down sometimes and realize that everyone moves at their own pace. Nature doesn’t run on 24-hour day cycles. Nature has been here for billions of years so what’s 10 or 20 years compared to that? Just get what you can done and give back before you clock out of this life.


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