Black Teens Using Social Media to Mobilize in Local Looting

I’m sure this post will make the racists happy, but this isn’t for them. No matter what happens in this society, the recent, unfortunate unfolding of these events in our community will always be fuel to the racists’ fire. They’ll always let the actions of a few blanket my community. That will never be otherwise. This post is for the black community and those who understand that the black community is everyone’s community because we all live in the same society. This is also for the leaders who sit idly by as our children run the streets terrorizing the neighborhood in their Abercrombie & Fitch shirts and Jays.

Last week in my city, a bunch of black teenagers flash-looted a 7-11. Now, I think this is a case of juvenile delinquency, but the obvious is still there. It wasn’t racially motivated towards whites as the nay-sayers exclaim because the kids didn’t seek out “white people” to rob (at least from the evidence that is available as of now). The crime was committed against store owners who are of Middle-Eastern decent, but this country still sees a group a black people and thinks that they must be out to get white people. In this instance, this is not the case.

But we can’t ignore the fact that in the flash loots that have occurred in Philadelphia, D.C. and now Germantown, the perpetrators were predominately black. I give the mayor of Philadelphia credit for standing up against this nonsense, but where are the rest of our black leaders? Where are the parents in these goofballs’ lives? Why are these children allowed to stay up past 1:00 am roaming the streets? All the blame is put on these children who are obviously in high school and middle school but why not look at the bigger picture. Yes they kids need to be held accountable for their actions, no one is saying that they should be let off free, but what does that say about us when we want to punish a bunch of kids with bullets or jail time because they stole candy bars and ice cream? What does it say when we put all the blame on children who grow up without parents and a society that teaches them about individuality and self-preservation at all costs? What does it say when we point the finger at those who are mentally vulnerable, but we jump to protect those who preach ignorance in the name of free speech?

This is just one symptom of what I consider the f-ck-you-but-woe-is-me generation. Everyone wants to play the victim card (this include both genders of all races in America). Just take a look at the evidence all around us. We actually have a website called FML.

Credit from

Look it up on Google if you don’t know what that stands for. There are a host of people exaggerating the difficult situations that occur in their life, hoping someone will feel pity for them.

Look at how politics work. Everyone hates the people on the other side and the demographics that comprise each, but as soon as things get difficult, we want to reach out for the same ideas and people we despised when things were going so well for us. This idea is what I refer to as the Lets-look-at-how-bad-those-people-are-but-my-people-can-never-do-wrong disease.

But leave it up to Americans to think the world revolves around them and whatever hardships they’re going through will last forever and are of enough worth that others would give a damn. As if nobody on this planet goes through rough times. I could really care less about how bad your life is. What are you doing to change it and make it better?

So I don’t want to hear any excuse for what some of my people are doing. There is no excuse. I want to hear about what the catalysts for this problem are and how we can change that because we’re all in this together. If you want to ignore these children who are in desperate need of some guidance and love, that is your decision. Yea… f-ck those kids… But know that you could have been a part of the solution when you see them show up at your store, robbing what you worked hard for.


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