A lot to be thankful for and a long way to go

TSA scanner

I’ve been nurtured to fight to live the life of independence, freedom, and good-will. I will continue to stand beside my convictions until the day I leave Earth. Some may dispute my values and the way I go about them and that’s fine. Some people think the issues I discuss are not important issues, but I see it differently. I am a vigilant person while others may choose to be less watchful out of feelings of apathy and/or despair. And that’s their right. But I will argue for the contrary. I will make the argument that nothing comes easy and anything worth having is worth fighting for because tomorrow things could take a turn for the worst if left unattended and unchecked.

These values and convictions I hold are values cultivated from American society. The same society that enslaved my people and made sure we weren’t even considered a whole person is the same society that allowed for us to fight back and take our lives from the clutches of death. The story of America is one of pain and triumph, but how is that different from life? If it wasn’t for that history, I would not be the person I am today, fighting for that same vision my ancestors so valiantly died for.

I’m going to keep fighting whenever I see injustice and infringements on the rights of people who have the right to seek any opportunity they please without fear of government retribution.

There’s no doubt in my mind that the people who own more than half of the world’s wealth don’t give a damn about anyone outside of their immediate family relationships. They can’t help but to think a few years ahead. They don’t care about what is best for the country, but what is best for them. And that my friends is a cultural downfall of this country.

They play with our lives strictly for political reasons because their actions are far from rational. We elect them under one guise, and once they get in, they deceive the voter and act in accordance to special, world interests. Is it really surprising that these politicians are shipping jobs overseas, whining about taxes that are the lowest they’ve been in 60 yrs, fighting to remove any agency that is not for profit, accumulating more wealth after the financial collapse, supporting legislation that increases our rich-to-poor gap to levels of Egypt and Cameroon, working to create spy technology and profiting off of our daily habits that are made into statistics thanks to Google and social media sites, fighting to make sure people who love each other cannot have the same rights as people who love each other in different ways, ignoring and diminishing the powers of Congress that check the Executive Branch, unanimously voting on laws that conflict with the 4th amendment and pushing for more voter restrictions? Actually, it should be surprising. I don’t care if it’s been like that forever, it shouldn’t be like this.

I’ve heard numerous stories of our country seizing electronic devices at airports from persons who participated in protests, people getting sick from TSA/airport x-rays, women being groped in airports, persons in jail not having sufficient food or clean toilets (as many as 50 persons per toilet), cops threatening citizens who film their abuse of power, women being denied compensation from companies who are obviously discriminating because the company is too big to fail, banks stealing homes from people who pay their mortgage on time and in full, women being turned away from health coverage they paid into because pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition, states eliminating abortion clinics (which are LEGAL) leaving women without an option in case their pregnancy goes wrong and worst of all I’ve heard people tell me “So what?” What they’re really saying is “So what if they mess with my rights? I have such little faith and confidence in myself that I don’t care if they’re screwing me over.”

Because we can’t change the hearts of lonely men and women, the best thing we can do is change the one corner of the universe we have complete power over: ourselves. If each of us puts more time into ourselves and understands our potential I think we can change this culture hate, fear and false security into one of understanding, confidence and true freedom. Because there’s a revolution happening in each of us and it will not be shown on reality TV.


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