But the fat is what gives it its taste

Spending chart

Some interesting points about the state of our economy. Bringing in 24% less revenue than 10 years ago and increasing mandatory and discretionary spending by a combined 106% has led to our dismal situation. A real issue to be looked at is the potential loss of the quality of living in the U.S. being that we’ve increased our population by 9.1% since 2001 and Congress plans to cut spending in non-discretionary and mandatory sectors of the government. With many of Obama’s healthcare legislation not taking effect for another three to four years, cutting in this area could jeopardize those in need. However, the addition of 30 million patients could curb some of the negative effects of cuts to this program.

Maybe cuts to our mandatory spending are what we want, but we can’t afford to lose quality in our hospitals because that, in the end, will be more costly for America. Our hospitals need to remain clean, competent, and efficient. Trimming the fat from the edges is what our government should be focused on especially when it comes to discretionary and mandatory spending. There are a lot of wasteful spending habits that our country has become comfortable with and it’s time for that to end. Our incarceration and rehabilitation programs, religious and energy subsidies, inefficient hospital systems and reimbursement practices, certain stimulus spending, etc. are hurting the economy. Cuts will have to be ALL around the board. The situation of our economy is a problem we all had a part in creating and we should share the burden of program cuts together. All areas of American life should need to go on a diet.

America has come together and grown stronger before, but only because we endured the trials together. We have already begun to take the steps toward a more responsible future, but beginning to make changes won’t get it done. If we don’t make changes together and put our American spirit of innovation to the test, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better.


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