How Will We Be Remembered?

This was the tweet I came across on Twitter the other day. It made me realize that every generation is remembered for something. Every generation changes the world for better or for worse. My parents’ generation is remembered for the psychedelic era of the 60s and 70s with breakthrough, socially conscious music. They fought against the brutality of the Vietnam War. They fought against discrimination and came together (blacks and whites) in the name of freedom for all during the Jim Crow era. The generations before that fought in world wars to stop the spread of heinous regimes. So on and so forth.

I’m confident that generation will be remembered, but I’m nervous what we will be remembered for. The most apathetic, lethargic and content generation? The generation that created Facebook which is responsible for more break-ups, divorces, spying and creepers than any technology before it? The generation that started the end of decent television programs, replacing them with reality TV Shows like the Real Housewives of Atlanta, Jersey Shore, Basketball Wives and Bridezillas? Or the the generation that becomes so consumed by media that we forget about reality and forget to pay attention to the world outside of our computers (mind you, I’m saying all of this while blogging from a computer, so take this with a HUGE grain of Morton’s).

Though we seem to be growing closer to each other through technology, I cannot help but feel as though we are growing further apart as humans.

The other day I went to see a movie and everyone was rushing to get into the movie and rushing to get out. I left my phone in the car because I wouldn’t need it during the movie… I usually stay around for the credits and I wasn’t surprised to see that there was a neat mini-movie put together at the end of Super8. Me and the couple next to me were the only people in the theatre that waited around out of about 30 people. Everyone else raced to get out of the theatre, text their friends and make phone calls as if the person on the other side of the call/text couldn’t wait another five mintues for the person to get to their car and respond back. How the hell did we wait to call someone before cell phones? We did it before, why rush now? What are we so in a hurry about all the damn time? If you paid $11 to see a movie, why not stick around to see the whole damn thing?

There are some good things that our generation has done, but I cannot help but feel as though we’ve given up on ourselves. Everyone talking about woe is me, fml, I’m not far enough… Well in reality, we have more freedoms, electronics and potential wealth than most every country (well China is about to get in that ass), but we are never satisfied. I know what our parents meant when they said we were spoiled, but isn’t that what their parents said about them?


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