Weiner Scandal a Victory for Human Race

Me eyes!Whether a Democrat or Republican, the recent scandal with Congressman Anthony Weiner is a victory for all of us. This scandal (as well as numerous others among politicians) shows that we have ushered into a new time. A time where the truth is not only demanded, but it is a growing expectation.

The issue is not that Congressman Weiner sent consensual, sexually suggestive photos of himself to adult women, but it is that he lied to the media, his opponents, the people that supported him and his wife. Let’s be real. He did this because he is a powerful, horny and disillusioned politician (hence the word politician). Men and women alike have their sexual needs and if you think you can get some by sexting, have at it! This is the United States of America. You are free to do so. Just don’t forget what freedom means. Freedom means opportunity to succeed or fail.

Our freedoms which were once hard to understand in concrete form have now manifested through the medium of social media. To put more bluntly, social media can f&^% up your life. Social media has been responsible for more divorces, broken relationships, stalking, job losses and scandals than pornography sites (I’m sure this is debatable). Never before has it been so clear to us the ways in which we may succeed or fail.

Social media has removed the barrier between our private and public lives. We’re all celebrities now and the world is becoming our paparazzi. For the average user, the worst that Facebook can do is to embarrass you among your friends and family (being that so many of us don’t even know the real people behind these social media accounts, who really cares if a stranger knows some of your dirty laundry?).

As a private citizen, it is difficult to become a public figure through social media, but this is not the case vice-versa. What happens when you’re a public figure and you live your life as if you are a private citizen? Public figures obviously don’t have the same luxuries as a private citizen and things can get out of hand fast. All your dark secrets are now available for the average man to see. This may not be a problem if you are anything other than a real celebrity, a politician or a media talking head. If you are any of these, things aren’t going to get better for you.

Your computer, cell phone, tablet and television are portals to the world; portals to knowledge, truth, embarrassment and pain. The great philosophers always noted that the process of knowing is never an easy process. Learning new things often means that your previous way of thinking is destroyed, rendering you helpless for a period of time. Just think about the process of a theist turning atheist or when Bill Clinton supporters and opponents realized he was getting pleasured by his intern in the Oval Office. People were shocked at Clinton, but were they mad at Bill Clinton’s actions or the fact that the way they understood politicians and their needs was shattered? For those people, it was time to rebuild. Like a town hit by a tornado, the initial shock factor is overwhelming, but it leaves you with the opportunity to build your community better than it was before.

Congressman Weiner’s crotch shots are a victory for us all because we can now expect the truth to come about more often than not. We live in the age of information and data. Those who try to withhold this information are not hurting the masses, but they are ultimately setting themselves up for a loss because in the end, everyone fears that nightmare coming true where they went to school and forgot to wear their underpants…


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