America’s One-Party System?

George Washington was against political parties. The year is 2011 and his hesitation towards our current system hasn’t been clearer.

Political parties do nothing but divide our country and stop things from getting done.  All politicians are the reason why we are in this stagnant mess we are in. How long has it been since the 2008 economic collapse? It’s been about 3 years and our unemployment rate is still at 9.1 % (as of May 2011). And no one is really putting in the effort to change this. Where is the outrage?

It’s interesting how at this point in time, there is no candidate that is deciding to run against Obama on the Democratic side. Are we not supposed to have a an option in American politics or are the Democrats just deciding to aggregate all of their effort into Obama? I know it’s a long political season, but come on.

On the Republican side, there are a host of candidates ranging from moderate conservatives (via Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Tim Pawlenty) to right-wing conservatives (via Rand Paul, Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin). On the Democratic side, there’s just Obama…

Apathy in this country is already bad enough, but this makes it even tougher to get people to the polls. How is Obama supposed to be challenged and understand that his voters are his bosses if he has no competition. I mean, the rest of the country has to fight and struggle to maintain there jobs, but the president doesn’t. Where’ the sense in that? He can just keep doing the same things he has been doing and I’m sorry, but that is not democracy.

Many on the left feel as though Obama is really a moderate conservative (e.g., he hasn’t mentioned climate change and emissions since he campaigned for it in 2008, but even Mitt Romney has expressed interest in the issue). So really, the American public has only “Republicans” to vote for.

Maybe America is moving towards a system of politics where there will no longer be two parties, but just variations within one party. Even if we had a one-party system, there is enough divisiveness within the Republican Party that it wouldn’t even matter. We are a country that chooses to focus on our differences rather than our similarities. The only time we’ll come together is when a disaster happens. Of course, it’s not just America that does this, but the human race. Racism has even been traced back to monkeys. Divisiveness is natural.

There are some issues that both sides stand for, like choosing to extend the PATRIOT Act. This extension passed the House and Senate. It was also a vote that Obama overwhelmingly wanted to pass. A lot of people are worried about this extension because of its 4th Amendment implications, but regardless, both parties stood together on an important vote like this one. This should get us to wonder, are there really two parties?


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