Barely Controlling Our Lives


I’ve got two friends who I thought were in a fairly happy relationship, but it turns out, like most things in life, it was too good to be true. Black people: When will we learn from the mistakes of our country and ourselves and stop being mental slaves. Our black men are forced to be “hard,” to compensate for a lack of confidence and status in America. Hyper-masculinity becomes a staple in the black community, and among those who are my age, it is the norm. Entertainment, our addiction to the celebrity status, our materialism, and inability to take off our “cool” has had an effect on our black women and children. The women are surrounded by men who only care about upping their status as “ballers” and alpha males. As a result, the women of our time have had to adapt and they have become just as shallow, hard-headed, and cruel as the men they have been exposed to. I call it the mascu-femininity. Women today do this to protect themselves from the black males that they attracted. A lot of them place the blame on the male (there is a lot of blame that can be placed on black males), but they refuse to look at themselves in the mirror and take responsibility to attracting these hyper-masculine men. Our black children only have sports figures, rappers, and celebrities to look up too. Successful blacks in business, journalism, and engineering don’t get TV time. Our children don’t know their potential and will be subjected to the will of those that want to oppress us and keep us a part of the lower class.

The wounds of cotton fields will never heal and my family and this generation is living proof. We have nothing to live for. Our only ambitions are to make more money, attract more hoes, pop bottles in the club, and become a celebrity on a reality TV show. It’s not a race to see who is the nicest, who gives back to the community most, and who makes the world better for those less well off. None of that other stuff will last. Everybody thinks that they got to be successful all on their own. That’s just not true. Nobody becomes successful on their own. You may have done a lot of hard work on your own, but there are forces outside of your control that influenced your life. For instance, living in Montgomery County, Maryland, I’ve been exposed to some of the best schooling in the country (Montgomery County was ranked top five in public schools in the nation in 2010). I’ve gotten to where I am because of my parents, teachers, tax-payer dollars, and the society that was built for me in Maryland.

Black men refuse to have mental check-ups, colonoscopies (though a leading cause of death is colon cancer), and refuse to show a more sensitive side from fear of being seen as weak. As a black male, it is difficult to become close to black males because the fact of that matter is, we clash. All of us are in this state of constant “whose balls are bigger?” and “don’t fuck with me, yo!” But what does that accomplish? Where will that take us as a people? The more important question is: What would Martin Luther King, Jr. and Malcom X think of our people if they were watching us now? All we do as black people is complain, blame others, and ignore our problems. Yes, we have gone through a lot as a people. Yes, we live in a country that was made to keep us down. Yes, we live in a country where people broke apart our families, mentally degraded us to a status below dogs, and yes, we were once slaves in this country, but things are better now.

Things are better now, but that doesn’t mean our mission is over. There are still things to fight for and wars being fought on the mind in this country. Take a look around. If you think that the way we are living today is the vision the founders of America, MLK, and Malcom X wanted, then that’s fine. But what do you think of 30 million struggling to gain access to health insurance, 8,000 additional individuals on the food stamp program in Cleveland County, OK, incentives being given to companies shipping jobs overseas, a dangerous group of extremists given the loud speaker to promote intolerance, hate, and fear, a black president who fails take a stand on real issues out of fear of being labeled a “nigger,” and a country where our self-worth is valued in the things we buy (take a look at the show Hoarders)?

Lack of spiritual worth will be the death our community and to America. Mother Theresa came to this country and said that out of all the countries in the world, we are the wealthiest, but the poorest in terms of spiritual worth. We only live for the dollar. We live for the dollar, attract people into our lives because of our status, and expect those relationships and happiness to last. How can you expect a relationship or a feeling that was based on materialism and matter to last? The universe if full of secrets and deceptions and we need to understand that what we perceive with our senses is not always what is real. We’re addicted to the light and stardom, not knowing that the universe if 99% dark matter. Most of the universe is empty, devoid of any matter, so why do we obsess over materials? Our senses are used to understand the world around us at a basic, primitive level, but we have a brain that allows us to be conscious of our actions. No other animal is conscious of their influence on the world around them. We have been around this Earth since its inception, in the many different physical forms, not being conscious to understand our purpose. Now that we are conscious as humans, we know that we’ve been here for billions of years, in many different forms. It’s a miracle that we’ve made it this far. This life is nothing but a side mission in our journey to find peace, love, togetherness, and a higher consciousness. We have a chance to change the world for the better. With that we can become masters of our own destiny. What’s stopping us?

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