Nice to Meet You Again

Looking Into Our History

Every once in a while, I’ll do one of these more intimate posts because I choose to. I’ve been doing some thinking lately about what it means to be a part of the universe. I have a good friend who is cynical and she doesn’t believe any definition of God, spirituality, or transcendentalism. That’s okay (to each its own). I tend to take a more optimistic view of life. Though I grew up in a strong, Southern Baptist household, I today am agnostic. Really, it’s not that I don’t believe in God, I just don’t believe in the gods that humans perceive to exist. My definition of God is a bit more complex than the usual way of thinking of that presence.

Each day, science has provided evidence behind the teachings of many Eastern religions (i.e., Buddhism, Hinduism, etc.). Many of the religions that are present on Earth, teach that God is all-knowing, omnipresent, and omnipotent. It is not by coincidence that these are also the characteristics of light, the most important concept in science today. Light is everywhere because it permeates all darkness. Light is all-knowing because it carries information (it is information). And light is all-powerful because without light, our definition of power would not be possible.

To really understand things, one has to understand that humans (and everything that we interact with) are light slowed down to such a slow vibration, that we are able to make sense of the world around us. We are not real in the sense that we are only what we perceive (i.e., through our five, primitive senses in this third dimension). Moreover, light is matter. Light is made up of photons, tiny bits of matter. Photons are not limited to this dimension. Scientists in Sweden and France have found that photons can travel between dimensions. How? I don’t know because I am not a theoretical physicist.

The Double-Slit experiment shows us that photons act as waves when there is not an observer around. That means that photons have unlimited possibilities when deciding what path they want to take in our dimension. If we are light slowed down, then that means we too are made up of photons. If you put it all together, we are existing in multiple realities, but the mere fact that we observe our reality, we collapse all the fields of possibilities into one field (to understand this part more, look at Shrödinger’s Cat experiment).

Also, I feel as though it is not a coincidence that the ancients worshipped the sun, a star. The sun is a star made up of pressurized light. Without the sun, the Earth wouldn’t be here. And without the Earth and its bountiful blessings of fruit, grain, animals, and nuts, we would not exist. If you want to take it back further, we would not be here without Helium and Hydrogen elements fusing together trillions of years ago to create heat and the first signs of light.

My main point to this post is to ask, if everything around us is just signals that our brains read and compute, then what drives us to be individuals and to pursue dreams and possibilities that some cannot even fathom? Our bodies (including our brains) are not real, meaning if another being from another galaxy looked at us, chances are they would perceive something much different. When we perceive ourselves, we do so subjectively, within the confines of our biological bodies. I really do believe as though there is one constant in the universe, and that is our consciousness, our will, and/or our soul (whatever you want to call it).

We are trillions of years old. Our bodies are not new and neither is the part of us that chooses to perceive.

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