Weak-Minded People Make Me Sick

Women are men. The only difference is that they have vaginas.

It sucks knowing that some guys give girls way too much attention. That’s a mistake. Never give a female your attention, or let her know how you feel about her. That too, is unforgivable. They say that they want a sensitive guy, but trust, nothing creeps a girl out more than intimacy. Who knows what females want today. It’s not like it used to be. Being chivalrous will only get you laughed at or called “soft” (but then they wonder where all the nice guys are and why they’re with a thug…) We’re all better off doing our own thing, chasing the paper, and letting the women follow. Where there’s money, there are females.

Women are just as selfish, self-conscious, and annoying as men. They aren’t a different species or being. If you have a brain, you can think like a girl. Girls constantly look for guys that are weak, so that they can mold their “man” into the person they want. They’re always asking, “why do you like me so much?” or “what do you like about me?” They lack confidence just as much as the next person. Like my friend said, stop asking so many questions! Some people just have different tastes.

Furthermore, girls that always complain about the guys they date are hilarious. They talk about how guys in their lives are the worst guys. Well, why do you keep attracting these guys? Nobody is forcing you to be with these guys, but you’re choosing to be with them. At the end of the day, it’s your fault. Stop blaming others for your poor judgment. Stop messing relationships up for guys that mean well because you can’t find a good man. And stop overlooking good men while you look for the perfect 100% guy. Sorry ladies, but there is no man who is perfect. Are you perfect?

Sadly, there are seas full of weak dudes who will bend over backwards for a woman; another human being, probably with more flaws than him. That’s what I don’t understand. How are people willing to dedicate their lives to people when they don’t even know themselves?

These guys that have no backbones are willing to do everything for their girl. They make it hard for other guys to get into the equation because now, the female is expecting to be treated like a queen. I’m sorry, but a relationship is mutual. If you don’t have something to bring to the table, why am I busting my ass for you? Answer is simple. I’m not. I’m tired of seeing people hanging all over another person because they don’t have any confidence in themselves. Have you ever been around someone who doesn’t feel right unless they’re in a relationship? They’re looking for love in all the wrong places. Yea, that’s sad as hell if you ask me, because they’ll never find peace with someone else until they find peace with themselves.

No matter what we do, we can’t change people. Even if I could, I don’t want to change people. That’s not my concern nor my problem. People who lack the proper preparation in life need to go out on their own limbs  and fix their flaws. When people step to me incorrectly, I’ve decided to just let them continue to talk. I might not be the person who is going to react, but many people don’t have the same patience as I do. So, I’m going to let cowards continue to talk their stuff and let someone else put them in your place.

I’ve lost good friends in my life, but that’s the way it goes. It’s always interesting to see how people who sweated me, stole my style, and fed off of my positive attitude turn on me, forgetting who put them in their current position. People who complain and moan all day as if they have the whole world on their shoulders, I’ve got no time for them. Not to be narcissistic, but those that I took under my wings have forgotten who got them their “status.” Now that’s all they care about and they’ve forgotten about me. I’m not tripping though. I’m glad I was introduced to them because now I know to look out for me and mine.

This semester, it’s time for a change. I have to stop fighting against the path that the universe chose for me and just travel with the flow. The game changes every year, but the players remain the same. I’m sure someone  has been in my position before, and for that, I thank them.

It always seems as though I can always do for others, but not for myself. Those time have to end. I’m here to live life and anyone whose with me can jump on board, otherwise, get left behind.



  1. Thanks Dan, Today after reading your article, i am free from negative thoughts and the people who used me/ cheated me in life including my love life.
    thank you, toady my life has changed.

    1. Hey Charan, thanks for commenting. I’m glad I could help change the way you see things. Writing this blog was very therapeutic for me. I’m glad it helped you as it helped me.

  2. Hey . By reading what you wrote, no matter how of it it, and how late i am, i like the way you think. I dont know you from adam and eve , but i would love to get advice from you about a current situation. I feel sometimes a complete stranger is better than someone you’ve know your entire life

  3. Do not paint all women with the same brush. I was the very opposite of the egotistic and vain pretty girl. I grew up as a chubby girl and guys would avoid me. Only time they ever actually talked to me was when they wanted a confrontation or a fight. They would hit on girls that were weak willed and I saw that as a child. Growing up was different, out of the baby fat and all.
    Just that my lifelong struggles with men didn’t end there, now I was only viewed as a booty call and I to men made a pact to sleep with me. I got sick of trying to be kind and human to men who would talk down to me or talk to me as if I’m not human just because some other girl roughed them up. There are many girls like me who got nothing but hatred from men and we still can’t figure it out. I can assure you, the problem lies with men and all this female hatred that your spreading online. Ussually the girls that intend no harm to anyone suffer the back lash. You walk past decent women everyday and end up with the ‘independant’ women that aren’t interested into submitting to any man. Stop labeling us and start seeing that you do this to yourselves…

    And yes, I’m very attractive just that I’m not into wearing revealing clothes or jewelry or make up and I won’t be anything I’m not to look good for anyone. I’m a real person and once you stop looking for dolls you might meet a real woman. There are many of them if ou start looking.

    1. The problem lies in PEOPLE, not men or women, but fucking people. WE ALL GO THROUGH LIFE IN DIFFERENT SHOES, and therefore, meet all kinds of people, whether we like them or not. You place the blame on men while the author places the problem in weak willed men and women. It’s easy to blame everyone but ourselves and the author CLEARLY goes through this with the statement hes trying to make:

      “Be more to yourself so you can be more to others.”

      At least that’s what I got from his article. I dislike the fact he places blame on women and weak willed men because these people obviously grew up with issues. They have problems they have no idea to deal with so they rely on others, a support, a column if you will, to further themselves. Many look for that significant other to accept them and therefore encouraging them to finally realize that theyre more than just another guy or girl on the street.

      When we find people or things to blame rather than help these people, even if they don’t thank you, you do it because it enlightens YOU. Rather than complain, we could further ourselves and others by just lending them a helping hand or letting them know what the issues MAY be. If they accept the help, then awesome! If they don’t, leave them be until they’re willing or until they learn on their own.

      That’s what a friend is, that’s what being a human being is all about; the love we have for one another regardless of race, gender, or anything else that’s so insignificant.

      Sorry, Im getting off topic, and I don’t mean to belittle or berate you or any of the sort! Im just another guy spouting his naive beliefs because I believe we can truly be better, even if I won’t be able to see it in my life time.

  4. For one, I’m glad that you made it to the point in your life where you are more confident in yourself and thanks for commenting.

    Next, the purpose of the post was not to say that women are weak, but that they are in fact stronger than men in many aspects. I pointed out that it is the men who lower the value of women which tricks her into thinking less of herself. But why did she allow him to do that?

    Women have to hold themselves to a higher standard since they are always the deciders in a heterosexual relationship. In most of nature, it is the woman that chooses her mate, not the other way around.

    For every woman a man is talking to, a woman is talking to five times that number. If a woman is constantly being degraded by men, she should ask herself why she keeps attracting these men, after all, she is seeking these men it. They need not fool themselves.

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