The Illuminati is Real, Just Ask Black Celebrities

The more I look into the life of Michael Jackson and how his life turned out, the more I begin to believe in mind control and the Illuminati. This guy literally sold the very essence of who he was in order to be accepted into Hollywood and the music industry. And that’s exactly what people have to do; They have to be accepted into this small group of celebrity figures. Don’t you wonder why the most talented people usually never get a chance to become famous? Yes there are a lot of talented people who are on the big screen and have record deals, but there are nearly 7 billion inhabitants on this Earth today. Are all the talented people really on the labels and the silver screen?

Credit to Blender Magazine

To illuminate the problem of Hollywood and the music industry, look at what black actors and musicians have to do just to make it. Most black men have to emasculate themselves because the industry is intimidated by black males, and more particularly what they represent.

Quick history lesson: In the days of slavery black men were forced to live in close quarters with each other, usually in barns with animals. Slave owners were intimidated by the strength of the black male and their genitalia. Sadly, few male slaves were allowed to reproduce unless chosen by their master. Slave males (and females) were denied of their sexuality and experimented with other males and animals… yes bestiality. If you don’t believe me, take a look at this article from 2009 about a man being thrown in jail for having sex with horses. There’s a reason why this man did what he did and part of it is because of what I have just mentioned. These horrible actions that slaves were forced to take continue in the media today as many black male celebrities are unsure of their sexuality. This is taken advantage of by the Illuminati.

At first the Illuminati captures unwilling persons through what are called handlers. Handlers come in and take you under their wing after something tragic has happened to you or when you are in a place of turmoil, sadness and confusion. For blacks, our ugly history of slavery is our trauma moment, and stardom is the carrot used to give us a false illusion of freedom.

This war against the black male continues today and many of us are mental slaves, still shackled by the same system that stole our families from Africa. Only today, the slavery is covert and less authoritarian. The slavery is subtle and most importantly, the system persuades us to sell ourselves into slavery with the illusion that Hollywood and stardom being something that is enlightening and freeing. The silver screen is anything but that (Listen to Johnny Depp as he cries out for help, longing and hoping to one day be free… from what?).

If this still doesn’t make sense to you, take a look at the first roles of Will Smith, Chris Tucker and Wesley Snipes. They all had to play an ambiguously gendered individuals (i.e, bisexual, transsexual, transgendered or a cross dresser) or gay men in order to be accepted into that small niche of actors, directors and producers. Hollywood wanted to emasculate these black men because they fear the societal repercussions of allowing the culture of talented, handsome, strong and independent black males to be integrated into this white dominated society.

Don’t get me started on females today of both races like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj whom most of us know have been harvested like machines at a young age in order to create an image for young girls and women in America. This is just the beginning of an American society of sex kittens; Women willing to sell their souls to get a little attention and to be loved. The sacred body of the female that used to be worshiped and treated with respect in ancient cultures has now been reduced to an object for men to get a quick nut with.

Look at Nicki Minaj. She had to get ass implants and dress like a six-year-old in order to make it. It’s like she’s a part of some kind of weird, satanic, childhood fetish cult.

The signs are all around us, but it’s just a matter of being aware. But this in and of itself is difficult because we all have been programmed from a young age to do just the opposite. When the majority of children spend more time engulfed in media and away from the teachings of our parents, it’s no wonder why we are in this current cluster****.

The signs are blatant. Look no further than the NBA and NFL—sports dominated by physically imposing black males. The next time you turn to watch your favorite NBA or NFL team, listen to how commentators talk about black athletes and their bodies. To me, the things that are said are very subtle, but very sexual in nature. It’s now becoming more blatant to me. Listen to these commentators and how in awe they are over the bodies of Lebron James and Cam Newton. It’s almost as if these commentators would do anything to have sex with these males. They talk about their bodies in the same way slave owners talked about the physical bodies of slaves in order to breed the biggest, strongest slave to tend the fields and bring in more money. Professional sports are no different. Owners want the biggest, strongest athletes in order to increase the company’s bottom line.

This leads to some white people defining black culture by what they see athletes and rappers do. White people define blackness by what they see on TV, hear on rap albums and from the actions of professional sports players. For example, why do I always get asked if I know the newest dance or why I don’t have dreads? Or here’s the one I really like: “You’re really not black because you speak well and don’t dress like the people I see on TV. You must be one of those white, black people.” The nerve of some people who live outside of my culture to define what my culture should really be about…

Whether you are black, Hispanic, white, yellow or purple we are all slaves to this system as long as we believe what we see and hear on TV and the radio. The war continues.

*Take a look at this Britney Spears interview where it seems as though some trigger words were used to get her to change personalities. She even talks to herself from different personalities. Is she a victim of mind control?


  1. Think of how many celebrities you know of that have either died or fell victim to tabloids and their whole stardom of a career has been destroyed. Hell, they even did Paterno in recently. They’ll go after anybody, white, black, chinese, native american, mexican, arabian brazillian, etc., etc. it doesn’t matter at all.

    • It can get ugly, for sure. The media assassinates a person’s character and the masses follow. I think about MJ, Anna Nicole and so many more. Their whole story is not fully understood by most. The least I can do is bring light to their situation RIP.

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